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Xi Jinping on the 500 years of World Socialist history

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Post 08 Nov 2018, 05:40
So I recently got the 2017 sequel to Xi Jinping's best-selling book the Governance of China. The Governance of China II. I think its interesting for several reasons. I've only started skimming it. I noticed that it started using more of a quotations from Mao format, as opposed to part I which was only full speeches. I also saw the honesty in addressing the real problems China still faces. He mentions that China's per capita GDP is still only 2/3 of the world average.

There was also more direct reference to Marxism and revolutionary history in this volume as well. And it was a speech on Marxism that I found perplexing.

Page 68, "Develop and Popularize Marxism"

And the quote is "Despite the tremendous differences between now and the days of Karl Marx, world socialism's 500 history shows we are still where Marxism says that we should be"

In a surprise, googling this passage, I found that it has actually been read as an audio for youtube

So I'm just wondering at the meaning of this passage

1) The simplest explanation is that it is simply a misprint either in the Foreign Languages Press english edition or in the original Chinese. And its meant to say the 150 years since Marx perhaps

2) It could refer to the historic period of world socialism. The chinese theory of the "primary stage of socialism" puts it in the very long term, even more so than Brezhnevite Developed Socialism. And so Xi could be referring to the PRC being in an early stage of the 500 year world socialist evolution.

3) It could be a reference to the very longterm history of the world socialist movement in the intellectual sphere. Starting with the utopian socialists like More and Campenella in the Renaissance. And the peasant's revolt in the Reformation. Roughly 500 years ago.
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