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China in the Soviet-Afghan War

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Post 13 Dec 2011, 21:30
How much support did China give in the Soviet-Afghan War? Also did China support the Mujahideen or just the Maoist Afghanistan Liberation Organization?
Post 14 Dec 2011, 16:27
The Chinese provided weapons to the wider Mujahideen if I am not mistaken. I will try to post a link to where I read this or at least something which confirms similar information. The Chinese were full allies of the Pakistanis and more or less working with the Americans so it would be less than a surprise if they were giving full support to the wider Afghan resistance and not just pro-Chinese groups. Afghanistan being so close to China and their Pakistani friends raises the probability that assistance was widespread.

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Post 05 Jan 2012, 23:16
As far i know a lot of afganian soviet-based weapons (SAM "Strela", "Igla"), AK-47, some mines were producted at the Peoples Republic of China.
But not only China supported the modjaheds. Egypt supported too, with the same "Igla" missiles.
Post 12 Jan 2012, 06:03
On the other hand, China also supported the Soviets with large quantities of counterfeit Adidas sneekers.
Post 02 Oct 2019, 22:50
Chinese gave weapons to mujaheddin. Brzezinski has admitted it in a cold war documentary
Post 05 Oct 2019, 01:29
Man, this China guy sounds like a real jerk.

They pulled the same crap in Angola in the 70s, providing support of the right wing National Front for the Liberation of Angola, and the anti-communist National Union for the Total Independence of Angola, because the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola was being supported by the Eastern Bloc and the Soviets, ensuring a decades-long civil war in the country which led to over half a million deaths.

I mean I'd have to think really hard to try to come up with an example of the Soviets pulling similar sort of shit in their time just to spite Beijing.
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