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Control organs

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Post 15 Dec 2014, 02:56
Do any of you have any interesting articles on the control organs of the respective Eastern Bloc parties? There seems to a huge gap in writing on them (in English at least). I find the topic very interesting since I want to learn the institutional answer for the complete and utter failure. For instance, the Central Auditing Commission did not punish a single CC member with corruption (or wrongdoing in general) in between the 1930s and the 1980s (under Gorbachev). The Central Control Commission has a very interesting history; it was established to supervise the activities of the Central Committee and of its members, but was used by Stalin to purge the entire party of opponents up until 1939, when it was turned into an organ of the Central Committee to supervise non All-Union institutions. In complete contrast, the League of Communists of Yugoslavia had a well-functioning Commission on Statury Questions (which effectively protected the party's Statute and held the party's leadership accountable). But to the point, the failure of the Central Auditing Commission to hold the Central Committee (and its elected bodies; Politburo, Secretariat etc) accountable is the main reason for the party's institutional rot during the late-1970s and 1980s. I mean, how can the party leadership rule for the wishes of its member (and country) if non of their decisions are supervised? ... So anyone know of a good article or book on the topic?
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