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Can anyone tell me where to find DDR videos?

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Post 05 Nov 2004, 22:24
Particularly I am looking for propaganda videos and lots of military parade videos. If you can help, I would be grateful!
Post 06 Nov 2004, 08:46
Ixbaert posts many of them. He has two threads on the Communist forum on pofo and has also some videos in the DPRK forum.
Post 30 Dec 2004, 07:36
I would love to see some in-war footage. If anyone has some
Post 30 Dec 2004, 07:38
Woah... not that I don't think your sig is cool, Finch, but they're not allowed to be animated.
Post 30 Dec 2004, 07:43
Really? Oh please let me keep this.. i have no other sig..
Post 30 Dec 2004, 07:49
Just use the unanimated frame of the same image.
Post 30 Dec 2004, 07:54
alright then Comrade.
Post 18 Jul 2005, 00:05
NVA Parade at the 40th Anniversary of the GDR (Berlin, october 1989)
ed2k://|file|NVA_Ehren-parade%20zum%204 ... 0AK%20DEFA).mpg|548666188|84BB9726ECF05E28BF360A5B1A1DE294|/

NVA soldiers lay wreaths on the tomb of the unknown soldier
ed2k://|file|NVA_Gro%C3%9Fer_Wachaufzug ... 2B30CC0C|/

Ernst Thaelmann, führer seiner klasse CD 1 (DEFA film, only german)
ed2k://|file|DDR-DEFA-Ernst.Th%C3%A4lma ... .VCD1von2x[RDS].MPG|671417544|CC6CD0C8EA1817FCA56E4181570BE0D4|/

CD 2
ed2k://|file|Ddr-Defa-Ernst%20Th%C3%A4l ... 22B8BCBE|/

Ernst Thaelmann, sohn seiner klasse CD 1
ed2k://|file|DDR.-.DEFA.-..Ernst.Th_195 ... E60E47FB|/

CD 2
ed2k://|file|DDR%20-%20DEFA%20-%20Ernst ... 40BA34AB|/

Die legende von Paul und Paula
ed2k://|file|Die%20Legende%20von%20Paul ... 4%20(DivX5).avi|731750020|38090862C3FFB5722BEF2957FD5F321B|/
Post 24 Jun 2014, 14:29
I am myself desperately looking for a copy of "Song of the Rivers" (Lied der Ströme), a DEFA movie by Joris Ivens of 1956? Can anybody help me?
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