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soviet rockets

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Post 05 Feb 2007, 03:27
what kind of fuel did they use and at what rate did they use it?also what went into naming a russian rocket and do they still have the original sputnik in a mueseum somewhere?
Post 07 Mar 2007, 08:38
I have some info for you.


Fuel: Tm-185 92%hydrocarbon/kerosene
Oxidizer: AK-27 I =73% HNO3 + 27%N204 (NTO), Nitrogen Tetroxide concentrated in Nitric Acid
Burning time (sec.): 140


Fuel: UDMH
Oxidizer: AK-27 I = IRFNA =73% HN03 + 27% N204 (NTO) in N02
Burning time (sec.): 130 -131


Fuel: Kerosene, (T-1)
Oxidizer: Liquid Oxygen
Burning time (sec.): 120-118 + 10 start, 310 - 320 + 10 start time (Stage II)

...etc., etc. Basically the website is a good place to get your answers. However, they don't have your info (on fuel) for the SS-20.
Post 08 Mar 2007, 01:45
The original Sputnik burnt up on re-entry into the atmosphere, although apparently there are some parts that allegedly have been recovered and exhibited in a Beatnik museum in California.
Post 08 Mar 2007, 15:17
on this site you will find a lot of information about russian rockets.
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