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Space Shuttles Ptchika & Bakial - Rare Pictures

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Post 13 Jul 2006, 02:21
Bakial blastoff and in Flight ( infamous 2000 hoax pictures )

Here is a page with a video clip of the REAL Baikal and pictures of it in it's hangar today

Space Shuttle Ptichka. ... ichka2.jpg
Post 19 Jul 2006, 23:16
It's too bad they never really flew, the Soviet space shuttle was far superior to the US one
Post 29 Jul 2006, 14:59
You Get What You Pay For..............
As the saying goes, One Buran with Enegria Rocket and the necessary AN 225 Cossack to lug it around cost more than all of the NASA shuttles combined. Ironic thing is the space people did not even want it, saying correctly the shuttles have little scientific value + the Soviet's low cost mass produced rockets made the shuttle redudant. I recall in 1988 when Buran flew into space. Here in Florida any space news gets attention. Here was supposed to be a product of the so called workers state, and it's crowning achievement was it could fly on it's own by computers. At the time I recall thinking this was a bad OMEN for the USSR and I was right.
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