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Gagarin murdered?

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Post 07 Mar 2006, 01:47
Gagarin murdered?

I was told some interesting details concerning Yuri, even though they are half truths and theories. I was told that Gagarin had became or was becoming an alcoholic, so as to not tarnish the image of a great Soviet hero, his aircraft was rigged to crash taking his life while he was still young and pure. Is there ANY truth that this may have happened?
Post 09 Mar 2006, 04:24
I haven't seen any other source to corroborate this, so it's just a theory.
Then again, the most widely accepted theory might suggest some foul play.

The cockpit vent was left open by the last pilot; Gagarin and his companion would have only realized that the cabin was not pressurized once they reached a high-altitude, by which time they would have been deprived of oxygen and probably unconscious. Maybe the previous pilot was under orders to leave the cockpit vent open, if this cause of death is the actual cause of death.

However, I personally believe in the following theory: Gagarin was trying to shoot a moose from his open cockpit after spotting it from the air, and then he lost control. I found this theory in the article linked below. ... =352912005
Post 10 Mar 2006, 02:35
But rumours suggested that the pressure of his position as an international ambassador for Soviet communism had begun to wear on him, and he was said to have started drinking heavily

The investigation at the time was one of the most detailed carried out by the Soviet military and involved hundreds of investigators. But its findings were immediately shrouded in secrecy. Leonid Brezhnev would not permit investigators to publish an article detailing their conclusions. He said it would "unsettle the nation" and instead only a very brief summary was released much later that year.

I suppose that can hold up the theory I posted.

But as for the moose.
Post 15 Apr 2006, 02:45
The moose theory does sound a bit far-fetched; the most-commonly accpeted theory is that:

...he was an alcoholic who caused the crash after downing a bottle of vodka before taking off.

Also, the fact that such a highly esteemed Hero of the Soviet Union could act so irresponsibly as to drink before a flight would indeed probably "unsettle the nation", as Brezhnev put it.

I remember hearing lovely stories of how "Gagarin stayed in the plane and heroically steered it away from a school full of people..."
Either way, KGB files are usually declassified 25 years after they are produced, so you could probably find out the truth somehow.
Post 21 Jul 2006, 14:50
I haven't seen any other source to corroborate this, so it's just a theory.

Just because you haven't seen any source doesn't mean it is or isn't true.
Post 23 Aug 2006, 04:32
Just because you haven't seen any source doesn't mean it is or isn't true.

true, but it helps...
Post 10 Nov 2006, 05:42
Why would you kill a national hero just because of a drinking problem?

The USSR wouldnt have gained at all from his death. They lost a remarkable man
Post 11 Nov 2006, 02:51
So he would "stay a hero" and not some drunkard, which may or not be true.
Post 11 Nov 2006, 09:01
If that be so... then I would suspect the Soviet Government would do SOMETHING about that... not kill the man.
Post 06 Jun 2007, 23:33
This is complete neocon propaganda, why are people on this forum giving it a vioce?
Post 04 Feb 2009, 19:17
I remember a documentaey about Gagarin where he was potraited as a very responsible individual. If thats true it seams unlikely he was an alcoholic, but offcourse that doesnt prove he wasnt. But than again, if the soviets murdered all there alcoholics who would be left

About the story of the vent beeing left open and he died of oxygen depravation... doesnt soviet fighter pilots have oxygen masks?
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