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Alien life attempting to contact us?

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Post 01 Oct 2004, 03:58
please, send me a copy of that report also; @ "" =) thanks guys. I'm new but have been lurking around for a couple weeks.

you also may want to check out

(they have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.)

basically, on the american end, they say the reason for the coverup is because aliens have free energy, and if that got out that would change the geo-political structure of the world -- but the alien technology we have suppressed, could eliminate global warming, pollution and poverty, etc. and make life on earth great for all, they are working to get this information out --- I hate the rich elite, they are f*cking evil..... =(

anyways, you may want to check out that link; but please send me that report you guys are talking about; thanks, my name is Dan btw.
Post 04 Dec 2004, 13:02
If there is aliens (i believe they are), why would they want to see us?
We'r probably the only race that fight all together for oil, useless teritory, honour, etc, etc..

And even if we could see they are aliens "up there".
What the hell could we do about it...? It's just too far for the moment...
Post 05 Dec 2004, 01:17
Alien! Where!? Get me my pitch fork! We're going alien lynching!
Post 05 Dec 2004, 20:47
What the hell could we do about it...? It's just too far for the moment...

That's your uncle talking...

Post 15 Dec 2004, 20:15
Why did the armed forces fail rather than the air campaign? Was anyone aware of this secret war?
Post 31 Jan 2005, 12:34
Are you all being serious.. ?
Post 31 Jan 2005, 13:26
Uncle Joe wrote:
Why did the armed forces fail rather than the air campaign? Was anyone aware of this secret war?

Please don't tell me you are beliveing this bullcrap?
Post 31 Jan 2005, 13:30
Please don't tell me you are beliveing this bullcrap?

I don't. Neither should anyone else, who is in a stable mental condition. This thread is embarassing to the forum.
Post 02 Feb 2005, 21:42
That's your uncle talking...

Soon the rebellion will be crushed, and young Skywalker will be one of us!

As far as aliens: I believe that there is other life in the universe, and quite possibly intelligent/sentient life. To look at our huge, almost infinite universe and believe that we are the only life here, is my opinion a bit moronic.

But I don't think they've contacted us yet, nor do I believe in any of this government conspiracy stuff. It's been my experience that even the most secretive governments can't cover up everything...
Post 02 Feb 2005, 21:49
I surely hope interrupt is joking if he is not well it seems my assumption were correct.
Post 02 Feb 2005, 22:30
interrupt's sarcasm is world class.
Post 04 Feb 2005, 17:53
It's rather impressive, actually.
Post 05 Feb 2005, 09:47
ComradeQSP wrote:

That's your uncle talking...


QSP, will you be my wife?

Anyway, gotta love interrupt's sarcasm, funny how many people fall for it when certainly such a great hacker like him should know where to upload a picture.
Post 15 Oct 2006, 00:13
aliens could be communists
Post 15 Oct 2006, 04:36
Or are the communist just aliens?
Post 16 Oct 2006, 17:28
Post 01 Dec 2006, 04:39
I've heard similar cover-up/conspiracy stories, though I don't believe much about them. I do find parts believable to a degree, but usually the stuff about aliens goes too far and smells of bullcrap.

Anyone who has read about the New World Order and the Denver International Airport probably knows what I'm talking about.

It's pretty funny stuff. The gist of it being that the Mason led New World Order influences all the major governments of the world and have alliances with certain alien species and are battling other aliens species without our knowledge. Also, there is stuff about how the U.S. actually has technology beyond our imagination years ahead of it's time that they fight the aliens with.

The weirdest parts I have read though are about secret underground bases in the Southwest United States (the Denver Airport being the most famous one). I've read stories from supposed "former workers" in these bases who regularly saw aliens and previously described technology.

It's weird. But entertaining. I enjoy reading about it. Kind of like a Sci Fi novel that some people take too seriously.
Post 04 Dec 2006, 15:49
I remember that asteroid that the Japanese tried to catch. People said that it's a spy ship sent by one of the civilizations to gather intelligence for invasion, so they used their propulsion engine disguised as a comet tail to escape. The Americans have been more successful by shooting a large 'cannonball' at it.

I have some photos of the 'comet' sending out a distress signal. They use gamma rays to communicate.
Post 04 Dec 2006, 16:58
if you send the files to i will upload it on
Post 07 Mar 2007, 08:46
Any civilisation that has mastered intergalactic travel has probably risen above petty squabbles such as war, nationalism etc. So, even if there was alien life out there (which I believe there are), I highly doubt they'd be interested in Earth at this point in time...
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