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Slavoj Zizek

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Post 19 Nov 2009, 15:36
Dear Comrades,
I have read some debate about Zizek in the Propaganda section, but I think it is better to start a topic here about him. I would like to ask, particularly comrades as Whitten, who is an admirer of his, and Moris, who is Slovenian, how does he consider from the present perspective his and the Odbor za Varstvo Clovekovih [the site doesn't let me insert the hacek and redirects me to an error page if I insert it...] Pravic's contributions to the restoration of capitalism in Yugoslavia, and how does he explain his participation in the Liberalna Demokracija Slovenije.
Thank you so much, comrades!!!
Post 19 Nov 2009, 15:57
I don't know too much about the Janša thing, but my understanding of his participation in the Liberal Democratic Party for the election was that it was an alliance of convenience for both sides. It's worth noting that the Slovenien Liberal Democratic Party isn't what you would consider liberal democratic. He claims that he was offered a position in the new government following the election, but turned it down as "head of secret police" was not on offer...

He's spent more or less his entire career since opposing liberal democracy (even more so than capitalism itself, it seems at times).
Post 19 Nov 2009, 17:05
janša was arrested not too long before the end of yugoslavia for revealing military secrets in response to which odbor za pravice janeza janše (later odbor za varstvo clovekovih pravic) was formed. it was not directly influenced by the right wing since many participants were simply opposing military dictature in the country.

after we got our independence our first (mostly right wing) government was ousted by third-way liberal democratic party which was indeed influenced by žižek. the reason for its election was simple; people wanted to choose something other between former (and lets be honest, mildly corrupt) communist party and right wing parties. liberal democratic party was mostly composed of former union of socialist youth of yugoslavia technocrats who oversaw transition to moderate market economy, preservation of companies which were mostly state owned even after we joined EU and apparently stood against any anti-communist attempts to revise our history since the world war. i must admit we owe them a great deal, they prevented neo-liberal reforms which were so popular in the early nineties.
party later collapsed but seems to have retained it's relative left wing outlook (although they officially claim they are center or center right). their current splinter party zares is closer to left wing spectre. at the present moment they are heading ministry of interior in the soc dem led government. now soc dem party is an interesting one. they are technically revisionists and they claim that tito was not a communist and apparently stand by him 100%. sadly this very obvious left wing outlook provoked a reaction from the right wing jansheviks, who are very clearly on the side of former white guards and the catholic church.

this sums up the most important contributions of žižek in our politics. i hope i could answer your questions.
Post 19 Nov 2009, 17:05
double post, sorry.
Post 19 Nov 2009, 18:36
Thank you very much for replying, comrades!
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