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Obama: The Obama Youth

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Post 11 Nov 2008, 22:48
Now, I wish to make clear that I do not think Obama is a socialist, much less a Marxist, communist or any other anti-liberal derivative. I am concerned here simply with the rise in what I see is a cult of personality in the United States. I came across a video, which despite its over-the-top title and comparison to Hitler is very real and is, in many ways, quite scary (or funny) or both.

Here is the beginning of the 'Obama Youth'

I think this may reflect, primarily, on the stupidity of parents but it is, in my view, a worrisome development. It does, I think, reflect an astounding trance with the youth in the United States for the current Obamism.

Please Discuss.
Post 11 Nov 2008, 23:15
The "Obama-sensation" is largely piggy-backing on an anti-Bush sentiment. Even more so with the election, which gave the democrats a chance to block a Republican from running the country again.
Post 12 Nov 2008, 01:22
I think the cult of personality it will die down quite quickly when people realise he isn't quite the messiah of change they thought he was.
Though I think his immense charisma will always ensure a hard-core of loyal acolytes.
Post 13 Nov 2008, 01:33
I wish I shared your optimism. I am, quite frankly, a little worried about the context in which this Obamism is arising. These are probably the most turbulent political and economic times, certainly more turbulent than the years leading up to either world wars in the last century. There is tremendous room for radicalism if we speculative what the next five years may look like, but it may not be the sort of radicalism we like.
Post 13 Nov 2008, 03:07
I think the one big positive to come out of the Obama election was his grassroots appeal. Now, Obama will never be a leftist, but the enthusiasm for 'change' that he has built has created a (hopefully long lasting) grassroots political base that, when Obama becomes hopelessly lost in bourgeois parliamentarism, there will be some frustration that will hopefully lead some members of his previous grassroots into a degree of left radicalism.
Post 13 Nov 2008, 18:47
when Obama becomes hopelessly lost in bourgeois parliamentarism, there will be some frustration that will hopefully lead some members of his previous grassroots into a degree of left radicalism.

This is unfounded optimism. There were mass anti-bush grass-roots movements which started during the Bush years, none of them amounted to anything and they simply ended up swinging their support for Obama. The fallacy is to think Obama created these 'grass-roots' movement, the point is that it was the anti-Bush sentiment which created these movements and won Obama the election.

But no one has addressed what I've started discussing in this thread. The point is that the people WILL NOT BECOME FRUSTRATED if a cult of personality is sufficiently established. They will become complacent, as Obama will convince people of anything.
Post 23 Feb 2009, 17:59
This video just gave me a flashback on the Hitler Youth Rallies. Its kind of similar, having the parents sing for a political leader that the children have no idea or mind for of knowing what he does.
Post 10 Apr 2009, 00:53
In my honest opinion, I would say the kids are no more as brainwashed as the kids raised with parents who supported McCain-Palin during the election. As creepy as the video may look, there isn't really much of a difference between a child backing Obama compared to another child favoring McCain. Both are supporting politicians and most likely know very little about what each candidate stands for.

Personally, I would find it highly enjoyable if I saw a video of a child speaking highly of the Socialist Party USA's nominee for President, Brian Moore. Now that would be something to see!
Post 14 Apr 2009, 19:14
Parallels to Hitler, in any context always put warning bells in my head.
Post 02 May 2009, 11:57
What a Hitler-like thing to say, Wheelchairman.
Post 06 Sep 2009, 07:03
Actually, I never saw Obama as having a personality cult. That might be because I'm living out in an area, where there are a lot of hill billies, in-breds, and rednecks that voted for McCain.
Post 29 Sep 2009, 07:26
I found this very recent article and video very amusing, but I don't think you can actually blame Obama for this, as I think this is the work of a very finatical school teacher. It is very reminiscent, however, of the Hitler chants heard in German schools, and seen in old Nazi Propaganda films.

Text Below Copied From:

Shocker: Kids taught to sing Obama's praises
Lyrics to historic melody: 'Hooray, Mr. President, you are No. 1'

Posted: September 24, 2009
11:01 am Eastern

© 2009 WorldNetDaily

School children in New Jersey have been taught to both chant and sing praises to President Obama, with a YouTube video revealing them singing, "Mr. President, We Honor You Today" to the tune of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic."

The children also are seen being taught the chant: "Barack Hussein Obama."

Columnist Michelle Malkin identified the children as students at B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington Township, N.J.

The children are lined up in front of a stage, and an adult is teaching them the chant:

Uhm, uhm, uhm, Barack Hussein Obama
He said all should lend a hand to make the country strong again
Uhm, uhm, uhm, Barack Hussein Obama
He said we must be fair today, equal work means equal pay
Uhm, uhm, uhm, Barack Hussein Obama
He said take a stand, make sure everyone gets a chance
Uhm, uhm, uhm, Barack Hussein Obama
He said red, yellow, black and white, all are equal in his sight
Uhm, uhm, uhm, Barack Hussein Obama
YEAH. Barack Hussein Obama
"OK, now let's do the song," says the adult leader.

The lyrics appear to include:

Hello Mr. President, We honor you today
For all your great accomplishments, we all do say hooray
Hooray, Mr. President you are No. 1
The first black American to lead this nation
Malkin said the video originally was posted in June by YouTube user 'brandnuwords," who now has removed it.

It later was reposted by other YouTube users.

Malkin identified "brandnuwords" as Charisse Carney-Nunes, a senior vice president of The Jamestown Project, who is described as "the award-winning author of the children's books 'I Am Barack Obama.'"

Her biography identifies her as a graduate of Harvard "where she was a schoolmate of President Obama."

Malkin said she's received no response to her inquiries to the school about whether Carney-Nunes had permission to use the children in the video.

Complete Article:
Post 21 Jan 2010, 00:55
you should see this it will remind you of fascist paramilitary groups like the Italian black shirts, and the Nazi brown shirt storm troopers ... re=related

they even have a hang sign
Post 21 Jan 2010, 12:02
This is fragging sick. America for Facism!
Post 23 Jan 2010, 00:37
Well, these militaristic "charter schools" and juvenile delinquent "boot camps"were growing like kudzu (with conservative support) well before Obama came on the national political scene. Many of them are failures anyways, so I really don't see this video as evidence of an "Obama Youth." Plus, the video predates the 2008 Election and the poster even says the teacher was suspended.

It will remind you of fascist paramilitary groups

When there are daily battles in the streets resulting in many casualties between Republicans and Democrats here in the US, you might have a point. Until then....
Post 29 Jan 2010, 22:05
I wouldn't be surprised if I see these Obamajugend thugs patrolling the streets of America in the near future and undertaking Obama's 'civilian national security force' work. The cult behind him is worrying because I don't think anybody has witness a personality cult like this before in the West. How can I one guy woo so many people throughout the world by promising 'change' is beyond me. The wave of Obamania wept through the world like wildfire and the scenes of crying, hope and desperation when shown the pictures of Obama is uncomfortable. I was invited to a football stadium to watch his inauguration and I witnessed the feelings given in the past sentence. Everybody seemed to be struck in a trance that they couldn't leave from and apart from another person and I, everybody's eyes were fixed to the screen like glue.

This man is continuing the path of destruction that his predecessors have caused and we can see that with the bailout and the escalation of war in Afghanistan, despite pretending to be a man of peace and for the poor (although hardly anybody noticed that he stated that he'll increase the troops in Afghanistan).

It's so sad that the public were fooled into voting for him when they were tired of Bush and were wooed by a smooth-talking charlatan who was nurtured by financial elites. The public thought that a exotic black "Muslim-friendly" politician would never wage wars on other countries and would be totally different to the other white presidents and would usher in a nirvana. They were wrong, very wrong and they're beginning to regret their decision, even if you remove the Glenn Beck types. Hopefully the people of America would elect a third-party candidate in 2012 but knowing the voting patterns of the electors, this opportunity would be wasted by voting for a Republican to replace Obama and act the same as him.
Post 29 Jan 2010, 22:38
Oh no would they force the radical centrism of impotent compromise down our throats or something.
Post 29 Jan 2010, 23:15
The wave of Obamania wept through the world like wildfire

Not really. In latina america he was considered just another US president. The surprise was that the US society was open enough to elect someone with an african background. But that's it.
And, from what I read in the news, the russians weren't so keen on Obama either.
So basically Obamania was in the USA, Europe and maybe part of Asia.
Post 30 Jan 2010, 20:10
^ Well if you say so but people were gripped by Obamanaia over here and this was evident in the media, where there was nothing but praise whenever he's mentioned. When he went to Berlin and talked to the large crowd, I knew that he would win the election because of his enormous appeal in the media.
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