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The Hugo Chavez show

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Post 11 Oct 2005, 13:00

Although the article primarily talks about the show, it gives a good biography on Chavez.
Post 12 Oct 2005, 04:10
The television station sounds interesting.
I would certainly love to hear Chavez sing.
Post 10 Dec 2005, 11:34
You do realise Chavez isn't a socialist. Socialism is meant to be implemented from below, not imposing one persons vision from above like Chavez is doing.
Post 10 Dec 2005, 21:00
Who said Chavez was socialist?

I would certainly love to hear Chavez sing.

That would be akward if Bush was addressing the nation and suddenly broke into a singing a song. I wonder if it is akward for Venezuelans when Chavez just starts to sing or have they just gotten use to it?
Post 12 Dec 2005, 18:15
It seems to be popular opinion that he is socialist. At least a leader who is doing some good things has been dubbed "socialist" for probably the first time ever.
Post 12 Dec 2005, 18:54

He might not be a socialist, but he sure is a heck of a show-man!

Post 12 Dec 2005, 19:11
Most people who are calling Chavez a socialist are incorrect. Venezuela maybe moving towards socalism and it might not.

Toveri Pave, that is a great picture. I still like this one:


Although it was a tough choice between Fidel Castro and a parrot.
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