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leninism and street fighing/urban revolt

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Post 25 Jan 2005, 08:39
Lenin has a few writings on guerrilla warfare and street fighting that are titled such, but where else does he discuss it? What are Leninist and Marxist contributions to discussions on street fighting, short of Carlos Marighella and Abraham Guillen's out-and-out signature pieces on urban guerrilla war. Anarchists make up the most of these Black Blocs, but in much of the world, urban street fighters are more likely to be leninists. so help me out with this history.
Post 25 Jan 2005, 09:15
I've never seen any of Lenin's writing which have anything to do with Guerilla Warfare. You got any links ? or quote from this piece ?
Post 25 Jan 2005, 16:23
On Guerrilla Warfare


Guerrilla Warfare

but he only wrote very briefly on street fighting, to my knowledge. altho i seem to remember reading about his interest in it.
Post 25 Jan 2005, 18:16
What is your interest in it?
Post 25 Jan 2005, 22:00
hahaha! i believe in revolution. i am interested in all of leninism. but some of it has a more, er, um, practical purpose....
Post 26 Jan 2005, 12:39
You should join a karate club. You'll learn much more about combat than in any book.
Post 26 Jan 2005, 17:48
I think he's talking about more than hand-to-hand combat. Also, karate in the States tends to be watered-down with useless forms and board-breaking. Here if you want to learn about combat you should take ninjutsu, jujitsu, kendo, or something like that. Too often karate and taekwondo are for kids and show.
Post 26 Jan 2005, 17:48
hahaha! Yeah, reading books is how I'm training myself in street fighting. I also learned how to rock climb, parasail, make love, ride a bike, how oranges taste, all from books! No, comrade, I'm not planning on learning how to street fight from the writings of Lenin. But it doesn't make his writings on the subject, or anyone else's, useless. Street fighting isn't about one-on-one combat, I'm talking strategy.
Post 27 Jan 2005, 20:40
Comrad GTctygeht ::: Well it depends in which karate team you are, of course.
Here in yu'rop, karate teams tend to be too much orientated towards competition.

hopefully my team aint like that.

for competition, i do kickboxing, thats real contact, i mean.

camarade militant:
if your talking strategy.. i'll tell you when you come to stree fighting, there is no strategy but know your technique, know it so much that it becomes reflex.
otherwise, its you and your luck..
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