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Post 10 Apr 2004, 22:58

I found this image on the web, and well, can anyone translate what that says? My Russian is a little rusty.
Post 10 Apr 2004, 23:08
We got to Berlin, we'll get to New York too.
Post 10 Apr 2004, 23:15
Post 10 Apr 2004, 23:27
Great picture!!
Post 10 Apr 2004, 23:33
That's kinda creepy, consdering it's basically tying Communists to Islamic fundamentalism.
Post 11 Apr 2004, 01:03
is it trying to say that they wanted to attack ny, ny?
Post 11 Apr 2004, 01:59
I can't make my mind up if that poster is pro or anti-Stalin. I would have thought the latter but some people are pretty confused.
Post 11 Apr 2004, 13:37
well, it is a nice image...hehe
Post 11 Apr 2004, 15:05
Ha ha! Fantastic! Huzzah!!!
Post 12 Apr 2004, 07:55
I don't agree with Stalin's cleansing policies against the people of his country during the Great Purge. I believe out of all the Communist dictators, although he was revered somewhat as a god in his time, Stalin was the worst. Out of all the Soviet dictators I appraise Kruschev, one of the greatest leaders in our time who started out as a peasant with second grade education and became dictator of Russia with no further institutional training except a year in the Leningrad UNIVERSITY> HE DID NOT PREACH MASS EXTERMINATION OF ALL NON FOLLOWERS< BUT MADE DEcisions like any good leader would do.

Kruschev made me a winner of Socialism. He is my idol.
Post 12 Apr 2004, 10:52
I once again express my adoration for that image. lol
Post 12 Apr 2004, 11:23
Khrushchev. A great Soviet leader. Riiiiiight-o.

I have my own schpeal against Khrushchev here:
Post 12 Apr 2004, 16:27

The picture is great! Were there any others of this kind on that site?

I can't make my mind up if that poster is pro or anti-Stalin. I would have thought the latter but some people are pretty confused.

Simple. It's anti-American!
I actually think it's pro-Stalin because it is written in Russian and many young Russians supported the terrorist attacks in USA...
Post 12 Apr 2004, 17:13

Post 12 Apr 2004, 18:15
Khruschev a capitalist? .....I think you put it nicely Mazenov, when you said.... riiiiiiiighto
Post 12 Apr 2004, 20:11
Did you even bother to read that link, Laibach?
Post 12 Apr 2004, 21:49
That picture is disgusting.
Post 12 Apr 2004, 22:09
Exactly, Marxfan!

Think about it for a second; it's linking a long-dead uber-tyrant with a horrific massacre, the scale of which we cannot imagine. Even ignoring the moral dimension, what the hell is Stalin doing there anyway? Anti-americanism is childish, too.

Ask yourself: What would Marx think?
Post 12 Apr 2004, 22:16
hey guys, stalin was no marxist, was he?
Post 13 Apr 2004, 01:38
I like Kruschev too. Forward - a more libertarian and open Soviet Union!

As long as good welfare is promoted, progress will be made! Give us 20 years, we will have robots as factory workers! Liberating people from boring labour!
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