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Muhammad Ali in the USSR

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Post 07 Jun 2016, 21:32
Considering Ali’s recent passing it seems appropriate to recall some of his words about the USSR which he visited

I was a little nervous when I landed in Russia. I thought I’d see the country in ruins, with a crowd of gloomy people who think like robots, and intelligence agents, who would follow my every step. Instead, I saw a country populated by a hundred nationalities, who are living together in harmony. I saw only one policeman, who was carrying no weapons. There is no crime, no prostitutes and no homosexuals.

I saw a hundred nationalities. No such thing as a Black man, or a white man, or 'you nigger,' or get back. People say, 'Oh, well, they just showed you the best.' You mean all of those white folks rehearsed, said: 'Muhammad Ali's coming! All the whores, get off the streets—all the whores, all the whores! Muhammad Ali's coming! Everybody walk quietly and peacefully. All hundred nationalities, pretend you get along. Muhammad Ali's coming! All the policemen take your guns off—I don't want more than two of you in the whole city. Muhammad Ali's coming!' 'They just took you where they wanted to go.' I know that's a lie. I got in my car and told my driver where to go. Lying about the Russians.

I jogged in the mornings in strange places where they hardly ever saw a Black man. I ran past two little white Russian ladies who were walking to work. They didn't look around and ask what I was doing. I can't go jogging in some streets in America in the morning in a white neighborhood. If they see a Black man coming down the street, they wonder who I'm going to jump. I love things like this that I notice. Late at night, I was running down the street, and I looked back. Again, there were two Russian ladies. They didn't even look back to see why a Black man was out here running.

and watch this
Post 09 Jun 2016, 10:22
The truth is always somewhere in between. Ali, like Paul Robeson before him, saw a mix of what was there, what they wanted him to see, and what he wanted to see.
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