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Soviet Urban Legends

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Post 03 Jun 2014, 00:31
I'm searching for urban legends that were in the Soviet Union and/or urban legends of other Eastern Bloc countries. Urban legends have always interested me, and there are a ton here in the USA. I'm also wondering about local legends; for example The MothMan of Point Pleasant Virginia, or the Jersey Devil.

I found this, but these urban legends are very short with little information, and some in broken english. ... n-legends/

Red Specter.
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Post 03 Jun 2014, 01:28
Interesting topic. From the top of my mind you have the "black Volga" legend, like the "black helicopters" except it's not helicopters. Says quite a lot about life in the East actually.

When i was a kid there was a similar story going on about a "white van" where they'd steal your organs, it wasn't even that insane though
seeing as that was in the early 2000s with the Kosovo war and everything going on since thousands of people down there actually lost their kidneys to Albanian terrorists.

What does you link have to do with anything though? It's lust some obsessed DiCaprio fans bothering people with their bullshit. The whole world saw the Chelyabinsk meteor hit.
Post 03 Jun 2014, 03:46
Thanks for the link!
I can't believe I posted the wrong link.

Sorry, here's the link I meant to post. ... n-legends/
Post 03 Jun 2014, 13:44
Wow that's actually pretty stupid. And i thought the obsession with chemtrails, fluorine in water and so on was typical American paranoia.
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