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Post 24 Feb 2013, 13:16
I would like to know more about the Cheka, its origins, its history, the thoughts of Lenin around its necessity, etc.

I understand it was in part an economic organ, to check up on economic things?

What was the character of Dzejinski? Some of the writings I've read of his make him seem like a sensitive man, and yet, he headed what has often been portrayed as a brutal state-within-a-state.

Any information you know, or any online texts in this matter would be very helpful.
Post 24 Feb 2013, 21:22
Pretty much what you'd expect. Secret police who, during the civil war, were tasked with suppressing opposition and taking grain from peasants.

They were quite brutal, but it's generally believed that they were not exactly instructed to be such, and merely took it upon themselves in most instances (the government had very loose control over them in the early days, and as Lenin himself put it, Felix wasn't interested in much aside from fragging with people.
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