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Formation of the Red Army

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Post 23 Feb 2013, 18:42
Is there any literature on the controversies around the formation of the Red Army? Particularly how Lenin must have struggled with this question?

Obviously, a standing army, Red or not, completely contradicts not only Marx's statements about the Dictatorship of the Proletariat in its Paris Commune phase, but even Lenin's plans in State and Revolution, which was specifically modelled after the Paris Commune in many ways.

If you have a standing army, and if imperialism requires you to engage in militarism (at least to the extent of massive buildup of defenses), how does this cripple and distort the new kind of state foreseen by Marx and theorized by Lenin?

Was this seen as a temporary measure? If so, how did it end up becoming permanent? Was this fundamentally a response to the Civil War? (ie., was the Red Army, to speak in a certain sense, formed by the imperialist attacks?) What were the thoughts on how to reconcile this with earlier theory?

I know the system of political commissars was formulated at this time as one check and balance.

How did the masses respond to this?

And -- how did the Red Army compare to China's PLA, which I understand was far more populist in orientation?
Post 12 Apr 2013, 03:41
This is something im curious about to.

Militias in theory are ideal in that military force remains in the hands of the people but this can have draw backs in terms of an unavailability due to work and family committments.

Ideally a fully trained and combat competent populace is what you need with a standing army formed from those who excel in military fields or by choice.

Having a fully trained population is excellent for defence upon activation though.

I really like all those old stories of bands of young pioneers using their training to make a difference in the great patriotic war.

Child soldiers of course are a tragic occurance but that training in terms of survival, weapons profficiency etc are a massive boon in terms of empowerment should the worst happen.

It brings to mind a that saying: better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Also: If youre child is afraid of monsters under the bed, dont tell them monsters dont exist, give them a big stick to hit them with instead.
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