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Did Soviet Apartments Have Solid Walls?

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Post 01 Nov 2012, 00:57
In many British houses you can often hear through the walls, it is the same in my experience in apartments. No noise can be made because it may disturb one's neighbors. In some cases you can even hear people's conversations, it is quite terrible. In the Soviet apartments was there good sound insulation? I have heard the Stalinkas were made with bricks and therefore should have been solid. Maybe the later apartments did not have this.
Post 01 Nov 2012, 22:47
Don't know that much about it, but some Khrushchyovka are/were known for their bad sound isolation - you could hear the talks and coughing of neighbours quite clearly. I guess it is not that bad in the newer ones. I currently live in one built in the 70's. It's not that bad, but I guess it could be better. Also I can sometimes hear people talking through the ventilation openings.
Post 02 Nov 2012, 22:51
I don't know about Soviet exactly, but Czechoslovak flats are made of hard reinforced concrete panels. I don't know many building materials harder than concrete that is full of hard steel bars. Westerners think their ghettoes are "commie blocks", but that is bullshit, actual communist flats are solidly built (even if the facade isn't and had to be replaced). When I was a child we lived in a typical communist built flat before we moved to a house, and I remember listening to dad's LPs quite loudly without anyone complaining.

The communist built flats are not exactly beautiful, but they are definitely not weakly built. Those things were built post-WW2 after all, when everyone was still scared of war.
Post 02 Nov 2012, 22:54
There are 3 main types of soviet appartments: stalin-style, hryshov style and brezhnev style

The first ones are the most comfrotable, and have solid walls.
The seond ones are so-so ans have thick walls.
The third one are the most modern and more comfortable than v2 but less than v1. The walls are also between v1 and v2
Post 02 Nov 2012, 22:58
Also, at least in Czechoslovakia, brick flats were built even after Stalin (as brick has some major advantages over rebar concrete in certain areas). But no, they were not "paper walled" as certain really shitty propaganda says.
Post 03 Nov 2012, 01:34
Thank you all for your responses. This is interesting information.

Tommy, welcome to the forum.
Post 03 Nov 2012, 11:40
Welcome Tommy,

With Khruschovkas I have to agree those suck somewhat, although we didn't have them here.
Post 03 Nov 2012, 16:24
apparently in the past few years, a lot of kruschev era apartments have been renovated and brought up to standards. They're still going strong, how many years later?
Post 07 Jan 2013, 12:12
I live in typical Soviet apartment. Walls are very solid, almost borke my hand against it once ))
But some louder noises you can hear, usually loud music or loud chatting. But overall, no. It is not that bad.
Post 19 Jan 2013, 11:17
Neuron wrote:
(as brick has some major advantages over rebar concrete in certain areas)

Can you just name a few of the advantages, please?
Thank you.
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