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Uri Vladimirovich Nikulin (1927-1997)

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Post 31 Dec 2010, 16:07
I’ve put this here because he wasn’t a great communist leader (although he won many medals in ww2) but he is probably one of the most popular artistic figures of the Soviet Union I post Soviet Union. If you want to understand Soviet humor you have got to know about him.
This is the beginning of a series of pieces I want to do about great Soviet actors and films. If you want to know about the USSR it’s not just about the ideology and military parades the only way to understand these people is by learning about their pop culture.
This man stared in some of the most important films in the history of the USSR. Diamond Arm is considered the Soviet comedy classic, everyone here knows it, its part of folk history.
We all know about Battleship Potemkin of October but these aren’t the films that live on in the former Soviet peoples hearts. Watch the pop culture classics and youll see why nostalgia is so great here.

Nikulin was by profession a clown. In Russia this is not a fool who throw pies but a talented comic individual who had to be very agile and witty. He is most famous for the work he did in his circus on Stvetnoi Bulvar were there is now a statue to him.
He acted in some serious films but everyone loves him for his comedy roles especially for his character Балбес (a daft fool) with the other famous actors Vitsen (Трус-Coward) Morguntsov (Бывалый-experienced). Before he became a clown and actor he fought with distinction in ww2 earning himself the order of Lenin.
In the west we only here about stupid traitorous anti-soviet cultural figures from Soviet history or the avanguard ones from early Soviet history.
The ones that most Soviet citizens knew, loved and still love were the ones that did not betray Communism and helped people along with their lives. I’m going to tell you about these people.

A Picture of Nikulin in his role as Балбес

A picture of the famous trio Morguntsov is the big guy on the left, Nikulin center and Vitsin on the right.
Post 31 Dec 2010, 16:31
This is a facet of the USSR that I've never really gotten a chance to learn about in anything resembling depth, so big thanks to you for providing this and future information! Do you know of anywhere or anyway we could read/hear/see the works you have and will be talking about?
Post 31 Dec 2010, 16:40
those are the guys who are always the funny criminals right ?? gotte love them
Post 31 Dec 2010, 17:13
Thats right. I think they are great. Type in Nikulin on wiki and you will get a list of his films in english. I think there should be a translated version of Diamond Arm its the most popular film in the former USSR but the others I doubt it. I suppose I could translate it but its a tough job and I would do it with out getting payed
Im going to write about Soviet films and actors from Stalins time until the collapse in the new year so I hope you all enjoy reading about them!
Post 31 Dec 2010, 17:18
lol don't worry about the translation , I am russian
Post 10 Jan 2011, 01:48
I like the m ovie when he tries to smuggle the diamond out of the country and he's got a broken arm and he gets drunk
man i love soviet movies
Post 01 Feb 2011, 00:07
The Dimond Arm with English subtitles)))
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Post 01 Feb 2011, 20:42
i also like the movie: "only the elder go to war"
but i don't think he's in it
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