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i have questions for soviet78 ! :)

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Post 26 Oct 2010, 13:17
Usually i criticize almost every aspect of communism and socialism but at this moment i have come to realize it is not productive. There fore i have decided that i wish to learn more about the USSR not just from wiki's and very short articles. I know i could use but i find it very difficult to finds things that i wish to find, maybe i am just lazy or have not time. To the point i have heard that soviet78 lived in the USSR so i would like to ask him some basic questions and hopefully continue with more and learn more.

What were apartments like in the USSR ( mainly the russian part)

What extracurricular activities were there ?

How was schooling ?

Was the health care good?

How did the government know which goods were needed at a certain time? like goods and such ?

Thank you very much. I also sincerely apologize for my almost complete opposition to many arguments on this forum

Post 26 Oct 2010, 13:22
If you at least bother to check out this sub forum,you will notice that many of your questions had already been answered before(some of them even multiple times).
Post 31 Oct 2010, 13:26
i checked it out thank you Loz. I have another question that i don't think has been answered or asked yet. What was the passing grades for high school ? What gradesor GPA did you need to get in to university ? Were there nay specialty schools that required higher grades ?
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