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Question about Automobiles

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Post 09 Oct 2010, 04:24
So, in the West, specifically USA, when someone hits another persons car, theoretically they're supposed to stop and exchange information on your car insurance; one of the many complicated processes to come out of a capitalist country.

My question is: In the Soviet Union, how did situations such as minor wrecks or hitting someone's car get resolved??? There wasn't anything as too complicated as car insurance was there???

Could you just take it in a get it fixed? Did you have to pay? How did it work?
Post 09 Oct 2010, 18:43
That's an awesome question and I'd love to have an answer.

In the German Democratic Republic, there was a vehicle insurance which paid for any damage that your car suffered. If you did the damage on purpose or intoxicated, you had to pay that sum back eventually, though.

I imagine this might have been similar in the USSR.
Post 09 Oct 2010, 20:40
Thank you, Comrade!

Did you live in the GDR?
Post 09 Oct 2010, 20:51
No, I was born almost a year after it was annexed. I have, however, sucked up information about the GDR like a sponge for several years now, from books, articles, documentaries, and, most importantly, discussions with comrades who have lived there, and I guess I've become something like an authority on the matter now. Feel free to ask anything you want!
Post 17 Oct 2010, 00:46
Disregarding the financial aspects of car accidents, would there be any legal repercussions relating to the one at fault's lack of driving skills/negligence/risk taking?

I know nothing of communist states' car maintenance infrastructure but from personal experience the cars are simple so were probably fixed by the owners or the local blacksmith.
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