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soviet movies about the great pattriotic war

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Post 19 Jul 2010, 15:08
I need your suggestions regarding some good soviet war movies. Those that I have watched are idi i smotri (come and see), ivanovo destovo (my name is ivan). I just also watched Osvobozhdenie (liberation) but without subtitles, it would be really great help if someone knows where to find its english subtitles.

Thanks in advance
Post 22 Aug 2010, 01:29
I can suggest you the film "Only «Old men» are going to battle" ("В бой идут одни старики", "V boy idut odni stariki"), USSR, 1973 year.

This is one of the best Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.
Part1 -
Part2 -
Part3 -
Part4 -
Part5 -
Part6 -
Part7 -
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Part9 -
Post 21 Sep 2010, 07:24
Another one film is "The dawns here are quiet" ("...A zori zdes' tikhie"). This film was directed by Stanislav Rostotsky. Is is based on Boris Vasilyev's novel of the same name. In 1973 the film was nominated for an Oscar in the "Best Foreign Language Film" category. This is very popular film about the Great Patriotic war in the USSR and China.

Youtube playlist: ... 1F92793D56

Links to download.
First part "In the second echelon" (437 Mb) -
Second part "A minor local fight" (462 Mb) -
Post 24 Sep 2010, 01:19
Thanx.... I have actually read "The dawns here are quiet" and didn't know they have made a movie out of it...
Post 10 Oct 2010, 14:23
Is there any way to download the whole movie uninterrupted?
Post 15 Oct 2010, 15:41
Right, can anyone help me with this...

A comrade in the CPB told me of a film (he said made in the latter days of the USSR) all about the Great Patriotic War. All I can remember from visualising the DVD case was that the cover contained a person on their knees, with an SS guy holding a gun to their the background, a village is burning...

Now, the film may not be made in the USSR, but assuming it is...does anyone know of this film?
Post 15 Oct 2010, 16:44
I believe the film you are referring to is Come and See (in Russian: Иди и смотри - literally, it's "Go and look").

Did you ever see what the cover looked like? Based on the description, it matches this:


I've seen this cover, but not the film, at some point in the past, and it made a pretty strong impression on me, hence why I thought of it immediately when you mentioned it.
Post 15 Oct 2010, 19:17
Thank you!!! That is the one!!! Brilliant stuff. I shall have a look for it right away.
Post 16 Oct 2010, 02:38
Vzldrb wrote:
Is there any way to download the whole movie uninterrupted?

What movie do you mean?
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