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Dentistry/Orthodontics in the USSR

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Post 19 Mar 2010, 02:09
How were things like dentistry in the USSR? Did people have access to dentists? If so how did they go about things like pulling teeth, filling cavities, root canals, etc.?

What were the qualifications to become a dentist?

Also, were there such things as braces or other orthodontic devices being offered to the people?
Post 19 Mar 2010, 12:45
Everybody had free health care, that included dentistry. I don't know about the details, though.
Post 20 Mar 2010, 00:27
Qualification in every state...a college diploma.
They weren't village blacksmiths and tooth-pullers passing a 4-week evening school.
I have seen some Soviet-era dentistry equipment and it's okay.
It's still in use in my dentist's workplace for example.
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