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current day soviet heroes

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Post 31 Mar 2007, 21:23
how are people who fought hard for the soviet union being treated ,respect wise, in current day russia?I hope they are still considered heroes instead of monster's and they are treated well especially in old folks home's
Post 31 Mar 2007, 21:50
The elderly in the post-Soviet group of countries has been in almost every country the worst treated demographic, at least economically speaking. Pensions are often so small that elderly people, who may have fought in the war, and who worked all their lives to build something they believed in, don't even have enough to eat. Governments turning increasingly towards the liberal paradigm are depriving them of whatever benefits they get (like free bus passes in Russia just recently for example) by taking measures to cut state spending. The reality is, whether they are paraded in Red Square on the anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War or not, they are marginalized economically and politically in the modern post-Soviet Union, with many youth arguing that it is necessary for this group 'to die off' so that these countries' new liberal mentalities can effectively swallow up the remnants of Soviet moral and social attitudes.

Even in the case of Belarus, where the elderly are probably better off than anywhere else in the region, many suffer from poverty because the country overall is still relatively poor and has fewer resources than existed in the USSR to take care of them.
Post 01 Apr 2007, 00:31
They get a parade once a year, and a spit in the face from the ultranationalists.

As soviet78 said, Russia's economy really has "gone to the sh*ts". Pensions are low, as is the life expectancy.
Post 02 Apr 2007, 01:12
Their marginalization is sad.
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