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Moscow underground

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Post 28 Dec 2006, 17:10
Hello. Everybody knows that the Moscow underground was the most beautiful in the world, with its wonderful lights and statues. Or at least it was in the past. How is the real situation nowadays?. Is it all destroyed and/or full of grafitties or it's as beautiful as it used to be?.
Post 28 Dec 2006, 18:19
I only visited the subway in Leningrad, and that wasn't in the best shape. Only tsarist building are being preserved for tourist reasons. The museum of the revolution is still beautiful.
Post 29 Dec 2006, 01:05
Uh, it's the same is at always was.

Is it all destroyed and/or full of grafitties

Uh... WTF? Has someone played Western-made first person shooters where the action takes place in Moscow? <--everything you want to know about it, every station documented.
Post 29 Dec 2006, 23:12
It's indeed beatiful, no graffiti, no smoking, no dirt. But not all stations have that extra, many stations are plain and some are even ugly. My favourite is Kropotkinskaja, Plochad Revolutsii and Kurskaja. What is nice is that they continue to build grand monumenta stations such as Park pobedy.

The wikipedia link was nice, but I like this more.
For those how doesn't know russian can just look at the pictures
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