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Bad words & Insults on the U.S.S.R.

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Post 27 Oct 2006, 04:50
I just would like to know what kind of insults and bad words were common on the soviet union... ¿What was his original sound? ¿And what was the translation?

Post 27 Oct 2006, 04:59
Somebody must be eager to curse without getting caught.
Post 27 Oct 2006, 18:38
What? Shiza not good enough for you? I would assume that Russian swear words of today were no different 15-50 years ago.
Post 28 Oct 2006, 20:33
But how where that word sayed?

(I want to know some russian words to insult my friends)
Post 28 Oct 2006, 20:37

Use at your own discretion. This belongs to Cafe Mir though.
Post 28 Oct 2006, 21:05
Thanks Kirov!

(Sorry for the wrong topic then, I still dont get it the dinamic of the forum
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