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The "Soviet Palace"

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Post 21 Oct 2006, 23:00
What could have been eh?


Was this for real?
Post 21 Oct 2006, 23:23
Holy crap, than is one big monument.
Post 22 Oct 2006, 00:27
With a nice little 100ft Lenin perched on the top.
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Post 22 Oct 2006, 00:27
I have no idea if this is a real place or not..
Post 22 Oct 2006, 00:30
No, no, no. The story goes that the Soviet Union demolished a cathedral and intended to build this one impressive Palace. What they later discovered was that the ground wouldn't be able to support such a structure. And that's all she wrote.
Post 22 Oct 2006, 00:31
it would have been truly impressive indeed.

thanks for the clear up..
Post 22 Oct 2006, 00:56
They ended up turning the site into a public swimming pool, which I think was a better usage of the land. They've since rebuilt the cathedral.
Post 22 Oct 2006, 01:32
No being an architect genius, but that would have been next to impossible. Especially back then, if not now. Also I'm against the extreme glourification of an individual, even Lenin.

They've since rebuilt the cathedral.

Bring back the pool!
Post 22 Oct 2006, 01:42
How do you go from this:


To this:


Also I'm against the extreme glourification of an individual, even Lenin.

You're nuts. For one, it wasn't just for Lenin, but a symbol for what the U.S.S.R is and always will be. Second, a monument like that would no doubt alter history... possibly to the Soviets favour. Thirdly... it's just plain awe-some.
Post 22 Oct 2006, 01:53
But not as awesome as.... THIS:


Tatlin's Monument to the Third International pwns the Palace of the Soviets!
Post 22 Oct 2006, 01:55
I love that tower... So avant-garde.
Post 22 Oct 2006, 02:29
yes, that is a great tower.

America lacks that kind of architecture.. at least where I am..
Post 22 Oct 2006, 02:42
Tatlin's Monument

Wow, that's one big rollercoaster.
Post 22 Oct 2006, 02:44
Post 22 Oct 2006, 08:58
The palace of soviets it would had been very expensive to build.

I mean, that kind of building, to really apreciating...

..You need an red army chorus 24 hours at day singing.

Anyways, I think that more than an individual, the significance of a building like that, can give you a lot of... Inspiration.
Post 23 Oct 2006, 03:24
The palace of soviets it would had been very expensive to build

just from the looks of it I'd have to believe this was engeneerically impossible to build.
Post 23 Oct 2006, 04:13
All of you who say "impossible to build!!! Aaaargh!!" are wrong. First of all, it is not even as tall as the buildings around today. Second, it's proportions are much more architectaully stable than the skyscrapers of today. Third, the Soviets did have the resources and expertise to build it, otherwise, they wouldn't have started it by laying the foundations.

About Tatlins tower: is that inside Petro-Pavlovsk fortress or somewhere behind it? If it is inside, it is built over the Monetnyj dvor.
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Post 23 Oct 2006, 04:32
Post 23 Oct 2006, 04:33
then why didn't they just find a more suitable location and build the damn thing?
Post 23 Oct 2006, 04:45
Whatever elements were built were taken apart and used for war production when the war broke out I believe. After the war the state had more important things on its mind, like rebuilding the country...
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