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Soviet Photography

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Post 10 Oct 2006, 00:32
Does anybody know books available in the USA with photography of everyday life of Soviet Union in 60-70-80-90s? I checked search with "soviet", "USSR", "Russia" so if you know such title I probably saw it. Can anybody help with another book titles or adresses of libraries that have picture collections (like NYPL that I also visited).
Post 10 Oct 2006, 06:23
You might try "Soviet But Not Russian", a look at the many non-Russian peoples of the glorious Union of Socialist Soviet Republics. Nyet Smert!
Post 27 Mar 2007, 21:25
my old school had a whole series of books on the culture of the soviet countries, published in the 80's. they ahd a lot of photoographs of the everyday lives of the people. i belive the names of the books, were simply the names of the countries
Post 27 Mar 2007, 22:06
Comrades is a very good book about everyday life in the Soviet Union in the early 1980s, just before Gorbachev began his disastrous reforms. It's based on a BBC television series, so it contains lots and lots of photos of everyday life at the time for ordinary Soviet citizens.
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