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Soviet Opinion on West.

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Post 24 Mar 2006, 05:36
What was the average Easterner's opinion on the West? Did they have the same McCarthy-like approach? Why or why not?
Post 24 Mar 2006, 06:22
I have no idea, but I guess they were somewhat pitiful. Maybe.
Post 27 Mar 2006, 08:06
How do you figure?
Post 02 Apr 2006, 00:03
I haven't found any source online that discusses this.
Post 11 Apr 2006, 06:12
Thanks for looking, I guess I was just ahead of my time.

I guess it would be depending on whether or not they were apathetic or supportive of their own government. I'm not sure if they might have been so exaggeratedly scared or rather had a pinnacle of a capitalist scare. I think there business would be more focussed locally.

But that's baseless, really. I didn't even think it.
Post 12 Apr 2006, 22:59
I do remember some Eastern community insights that the Americas were filled with racist thugs. But this may have just been propaganda. Don't get me wrong, it's all true, but Slavs are to nice of a people to think like that.
Post 13 Apr 2006, 16:47
It depends on the decade you're talking about.

The 1950s? That was the hight of Soviet paranoia of the West, and the hight of the social progress in terms of the proletaria united.

If it was the 1980s, then Most russians look at the US as a model.
Post 13 Apr 2006, 20:38
I guess fear at the height of the Cold War. The same fear that Westerners had of the USSR.
Post 11 May 2006, 07:58
Actually, in 1950-1960'ties, the West was pitied. My grandma was one of those who was allowed to travel to the West (she was an English school teacher, and a Hero of Labour from wartime). As she travelled around, she never saw the West as a model for life. Fear? Maybe, a bit, with all these proxy wars going on and nuclear paranoia. But I never heard her speak of the West with hate. Rather... with pity, that they are so agressive and elsewhat. And she was a true proletarian and a communist. There were many like her in her time.
Post 23 Jun 2006, 01:37
I can tell you my view of the Westeners! I come from Bulgaria, a former sattelite of the Soviet Union ! I think that the westeners were more scared of us than we were of them! Some people thought the west as evil empirialists. Many others had nothing against the west. They only wanted to see the, so called democracy. My dad did not like communism at the times - he weared a beard as a prostest. A few years ago he went to work in a "Western" country. What he said as a feed back was quite remarkable! He said that things were better of during communism than they are in the Western Capitalist countries !
Post 23 Jun 2006, 02:07
My dad did not like communism at the times - he weared a beard as a prostest.

And Lenin, Stalin, Marx, Engels, Fidel, Che all had facial hair! Was it forbidden in Bulgaria? Was this after Stalin?
Post 24 Jun 2006, 01:03
It wasn't forbiden, but the communists did not like it at all. Only writers and artist were accepted to have beards. My dad was not either of them things. In my whole town (80 000 people) there were only like 3 people with beards and my dad was one of them
Btw. if you look at most propaganda posters like this one:


Notice that the people the workers are "striking" the "lazy" people who have beards. In many other posters you will see the same thing.

P.S. Bulgaria adopted communism in 1944, so it long after the years of comrade Lenin and about 10 years before the death of Stalin. And for many many years (about 35) Todor Jivkov (Stalinist) was in power of the country until the break up of communism in 1989. It is the longest time a Stalinist was in power. You can see my avatar to see a picture of him
Post 25 Jun 2006, 00:51
Actually I vaguely remember from the movie "K-19", they have this one small bit where the CPSU representative on the submarine shows reels of New York City to some other sailors and makes comments about America's decadence, but nothing more. Then again, it's just a movie.

Notice that the people the workers are "striking" the "lazy" people who have beards.

They were too lazy to shave.
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