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Music from the GDR

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Post 13 Jul 2005, 00:22
I've downloaded a lot of east german rock music.

And I've found very interesting modern eastern music (not just political songs interpreted by Army orchestras, in fact it is not rare that the musicians were "pro-West", but in the case of City, they also had one that worked for the Stasi
), not only from the GDR but also from other countries, like Omega in Hungary or SBB in Poland. But the german music seems to be the best one.

I suggest you to download the music of groups like the Puhdys, Silly, Pankow, City, Renft, Berluc, Rockhaus and many others. There are also some compilations.

And then there is the Oktoberklub Berlin, a group that sang political songs.

With all this I am trying to learn some german too.

Do you know about these groups?

To me, this shows that life in these countries was not bad but good, or at least normal (as some of you have said), contrary to now when they are experiencing the happiness of free market.
Post 13 Jul 2005, 01:00
Good. You are learning that communism is the best in the world

I too like easter block music. SOngs of the Russian protaleriat are my

Try the international. It is the best of the best

free market is 100 times worse than slavery. thats the truth frankly
Post 13 Jul 2005, 03:33
Well I know communism is the best because I've been a member of a communist party (youth, see for 10 years now. Also I usually participate in "ComradeChe" forums.

But I really did not know any music from these countries, nor did I know many other things that are important for propaganda purposes. This may be partly due to the policy our Party followed from the late 70s to, it might be said, almost today (eurocommunism) that was so anti-soviet and anti-communist in fact.

I just wanted to comment it. I have seen an equal thread at another place of these Forums, excuse me. Anyway, I'd like to see what you know of this music and get to know more groups like these (although I've already searched a lot).

Anything from the Eastern Bloc interests me, all helps to master its reality, evolution, etc. Many believe Stalin was bad because he did harm to "the cause". I used to believe such naïvetés. These things help in getting rid of them.
Post 13 Jul 2005, 17:17
Stalin was a genius. The west isn't smart to except his ideas
Post 14 Jul 2005, 19:34
To Lugov

Stalin was a genius. The west isn't smart to except his ideas

How is this connected to this thread?
Stalin's and USSR regime killed 10-s of million of its own and defeated countries' people.
Is it criteria for being a genius?
If yes, what about Hitler?

To Asti

What do you know about life in communist countries? Do You have heard some rock music from these countries? Do you know what did cost to make such music to musicians in communist country?
OK. I'll tell you. I've lived in USSR in 1970-1980-ies.
In 1950-ies people who made so-called jazz or light music were sent to Siberia and their creation was prohibited. Jazz was prohibited strictly.
As Lugov said - "Stalin was a genius"

In 1960-ies lot of underground groups/bands were organised. Their legislation was almost prohibited. Some first groups were emerging in public too despite of organized counteraction of com-party. Term "rock" was prohibited, instead of it used words like "light music", "jazz" also. This time (60-ies) was called "melting era" because politically it was little bit more free. But only up to certain limits, for example the first tourists were confiscated the LP-s of Beatles or other western bands by Soviet customs.
In 1970-ies finally "rock" was used in press, but the bands couldn't use the term "rockband" in LP's cover for example, they used "VIA" which means vocal-instrumental-ensemble in russian. In radio and in tv there were strict orders of presentage of rock music allowed - I can't remember the exact number, but it was limited up to one hour for one week or smth. The special expertise commitees were organized to control and to licence the bands to perform - Song Committees, this was a type of censorship board composed of Communists, empowered to make or break careers by deciding what could and could not be sold or played on the basis of an assessment of ideological purity.
In 1980-ies (beginning only) disco and rock music was allowed quite freely. Only the most popular type of youngsters' music was prohibited like punk for instance. Very often punk musicians were confined and captured by soviet police/militia.
Of course, the musicians of that period could talk much more and detailed about restrictions in these times.
In other socialist countries /Eastern block/ where soviet hands of political control couldn't reach in every place, the situation was more free.
I liked the Hungarian rock music mostly (The Locomotive GT, Illés,Omega), and Polish Cheslav Niemen (I can't remember the excact spell of that name) was great. I've heard some GDR bands as well - Die Puhdys and Karat.
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Post 14 Jul 2005, 21:54
you consentrate too much on the negative side.

I guess you too, like the west will never understand Stalin; the genius.

Grow up, Corsar
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