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Post 19 Jan 2005, 03:20
A book I was reading said telephones were un reliable and usually wouldnt work. Also it said your mail system was slacked off to a crawl and citizens would give mail to tourists to give to relatives in their country.
Post 19 Jan 2005, 12:12
hmm... and the origins of this book, i wonder?
Post 19 Jan 2005, 20:16
It was out of a text book. I figured some thing was wrong.
Post 19 Jan 2005, 20:40
Soviet mail system is famous for working perfectly, and as for telephones - I remember that they worked just fine inside RSFSR, but you couldn't make a call to other SSRs from your home telephone, you had to walk to the nearest post office or telegraph station and make a call from there (my mother used to talk to her sister from Uzbekistan in a private cabin in the post office)...
Post 18 Jul 2006, 22:11
There's a post of a comrade on the memorabilia section, where he shows a letter of 1926, from Moskow to Riga. It only took 2 days to make the distance!
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