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People's Republic of the Congo music

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Post 23 Nov 2016, 18:00
Hi, can anyone find communist songs from the People's Republic of the Congo? I could not find any songs, nor could I find any videos that detail the life in socialist Congo. I am trying to diversify my collection of socialist music. So far I've collected socialist music from Angola, Ethiopia, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Albania, Syria, Afghanistan, China, North Korea, Soviet Union, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and East Germany. I could not find any songs from Mozambique or People's Republic of the Congo. You will find one hour of communist Mozambique songs, but I want to find those songs separately on Youtube. I could not find any, and nowhere on the Internet are there communist songs from the Congo.
Post 25 Nov 2016, 05:52
I did manage to find a few songs here on this page.

I also found this video of a BIBOC meeting on Youtube.
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