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Greek singers of USSR and the eastern block

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Post 19 Aug 2014, 10:43
In USSR and in the eastern blockthere were several singers wich performed greek songs (composed in greece) and songs from their countries.

1)Xenia Georgiadi who was born in Abkhazian Autonomus SSR and she was a laureat and famous throughout the USSR
Some of her songs (1986) (1982) (1990)

2)Laki Kesoglou was born in Kazakhstan SSR and was known throughout the USSR
Some of his songs (In Russian) (greek song composed in greece)

3)Ansamble "Ellada.A group of singers and musicians wich performed greek songs composed in greece.The members of the group were Christos and Panos Panitsidis ,Manolis Apostolidis,Vassilis Prasodas,Suzy Theokharidi and others.They were born in Ukrainian SSR and were famous everywhere in the USSR.
Some of their songs (Live performance in a square in Georgian SSR 1984) (Concert in soviet Estonia 1986)

4)Nicu Alifantis.He was born in Romania and was quite popular.
Some of his songs (1984) (1988)
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