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2016 US Election

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Who would you vote for in the US presidential election?

Hillary Clinton (Democratic)
Donald Trump (Republican)
Gary Johnson (Libertarian)
Jill Stein (Green)
Gloria La Riva (Party for Socialism and Liberation)
Alyson Kennedy (Socialist Workers Party)
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Monica Moorehead (Workers World Party)
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Mimi Soltysik (Socialist Party USA)
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Post 19 Nov 2016, 18:50
yeah "Apologize", like he has ever done that. He ought to apologize for even being elected. His plan for the economy: lower corporate tax rates by 20%. That will have some effect, but it won't bring firms to the US, or prevent firms from leaving, because wages are the biggest factor in manufacturing. His promise to make america a big manufacturing, blue collar country again are false since he has no way to do it. His ideas on trade are false, as he thinks trade is bad for the US because there are losers in the process. He wants to do this infrastructure thing, but it will create a massive deficit when you consider his tax cutting plan. The only thing that might save the infrastructure deal is if he is able to slash spending in the military by closing our imperial bases. However, he has promised to keep military spending high.
It's hard to critique Trump because he hasn't said much. Everything has been vague but I would really enjoy watching this guy go down in disgrace. The only upside I can see is a new way of doing foreign policy, if indeed there is anything new planned.
Post 19 Nov 2016, 20:53
piusv wrote:
It's hard to critique Trump because he hasn't said much.

Everything he has said, including this latest outburst over a theater performance he didn't even attend, makes me question the size of his penis in inverse proportion to his ego. It won't be long before a sizable proportion of the people who voted for him begin to become similarly embarrassed by his increasingly un-Presidential actions.
Post 19 Nov 2016, 21:22
At least us third worlders now have a legitimate reason to make fun of Americans till the end of time for democratically electing him, as opposed to having eccentric dictators imposed upon you.
Post 19 Nov 2016, 22:27
Few things:

* Dugin was never Putin's anything (advisor, source of information, strategist, etc.). He also does still like him, and is a key contributor to a new internet television channel called Tsargrad, which actually has some good analysis on it, when Dugin's not involved. You guys are right though that he is an insane ultraconservative - I wouldn't say Hitler-like though; he doesn't have a concept of a superior Russian race or anything.

* I don't know about the details of the RT audience's average viewer/readership, but for as long as I can remember their policy platform has been to give a voice to both the radical left and the anti-globalist right (and that does include ultra-right groups like Lega Nord sometimes). It's the same over at the new radio/internet news network Sputnik.

* RT has some of its English/Spanish/Arabic videos translated into Russian, and has a Russian-language news site that does the same, but they are not mainstream in Russia (i.e. they're mostly for foreign consumption).

* Trump has been used as a useful wrecking ball in Russian media to blast the Republicans, Obama, Clinton and the US establishment, so yeah, they've had a lot of fun with him. Russian media was very happy when he won. But there has been retrospective analysis regarding his advisors and proposed cabinet since then. Just today news network Rossiya 24 did a mashup of the most aggressive quotes by Giuliani and Bolton, and for some reason McCain and Graham, and showed a clip of Trump on Oreilly explaining that America needs to restore relations with Russia to prevent Moscow from getting closer to Beijing. So Russians know what's up - they know that Trump doesn't do anything out of the bigness of his heart. But I've seen a lot of articles from about a week after Trump won with commentators saying that whatever else happens, at least with Trump we probably won't get WWIII, which was seen as a genuine concern with Hillary.


Also you guys, here you are talking about Russia's future - and something big does seem to be going on; in addition to Ulyuakev's arrest, investigators have raided the offices of Rosnano (controlled by another 90s liberal - Chubais); moreover, just yesterday saw the arrest of Marat Oganesyan, former vice-governor of St. Petersburg and a mid-level building bureaucrat associated with some big projects like Moskva City. Finally, for some reason a couple senior officials got arrested for corruption in my mum's home region of Kemerovo lol.

In other words, if, and I emphasize that this is a big if economist Mikhail Khazin is right, and this is really Putin being given the all-clear and/or being forced by Trump to clean out 90s liberals from power, I will go to America, get off the plane, kiss the tarmac and go buy a Trump hat.
Post 19 Nov 2016, 23:28
Soviet78 wrote:
In other words, if, and I emphasize that this is a big if economist Mikhail Khazin is right, and this is really Putin being given the all-clear and/or being forced by Trump to clean out 90s liberals from power, I will go to America, get off the plane, kiss the tarmac and go buy a Trump hat.

If Hillary had won, she would have been among the first to decry Putin's "tyranny" for cleaning out the ranks of the Boyar oligarchy.

On the other hand, who else would Trump have been doing business with for the past 20 years if not many of these same oligarchs? Perhaps the crucial difference is that Trump regards allies, whether in politics or business, in a Machiavellian fashion. Putin knows Donald won't care if a parcel of them end up in Lubyanka as long as there are suitable replacements - or a new and equally lucrative arrangement - to continue business with.
Post 20 Nov 2016, 00:33
I've been a little out of touch with things recently so forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is achieved beyond a little justice being done by arresting these Russians? Who would Putin replace them with and most importantly, how would any of that improve the lives of ordinary Russians?
Post 21 Nov 2016, 01:02
A communist bowing down to a fascist? I guess I have seen it all. Trump has just filled his ranks with top Wall Street dogs and I can't wait to see him wipe the smiles off the faces of Russian degenerates.
Post 21 Nov 2016, 01:11
The SecState race has broadened to:

Bob Corker - Gone over earlier. Backlash from the right-wing base is immense, exactly because he seems to at least see value in diplomatic engagement rather than shackling our diplomatic corps so Defense can "do its job."

Mitt Romney - Gone over earlier. Seen as the most likely pick, unfortunately.

David Petraeus - Leader of the "Warrior Class," top foreign policy advisor to the freakishly hawkish Fiorina campaign.

John Bolton - Gone over earlier. When it looked like he'd be picked, Rand Paul stated his intention to filibuster. It'd be too big a drama llama, probably, though I'm guessing this is who Trump wanted considering he was Trump's second-closest foreign policy advisor throughout his campaign. And close to the biggest, Flynn.

His SecDef contenders, now that "guy who was considered too racist for a federal judgeship in the '80s" Jeff Sessions has officially been given AG:

General Jim Mattis - "Mad Dog" is his nickname. He's a strong Iran hawk and irrationally considers them a bigger threat than ISIS. He has praised Kerry's work on Israel-Palestine peace accords and attempts at reviving something akin to Oslo, but from the vantage point of it appeasing America's ally Saudi Arabia.

Tom Cotton - The Senate's leading Iran hawk, the man who personally tried to undermine the Iran deal.


Sarah Palin - Longtime proponent of drilling in ANWR, Alaska's main national park and refuge for many species that can't be found anywhere else, in pursuit of lower gas prices that wouldn't be seen until about a decade after the drilling begins. Serial incompetent.

Forrest Lucas - Head of Bakersfield's oil industry. Handing an oil baron the national parks presents a serious Teapot Dome-like scandal risk.


Rick Perry - Mostly in the pocket of Big Oil, but will at least probably sponsor longtime donor T. Boone Pickens' efforts at making solar more efficient.

Harold Hamm - Is Big Oil. Makes a killing off fracking, which has also caused earthquakes in his home state of Oklahoma. Likely to greatly expand its use.

Press Secretary:

Laura Ingraham - The leading contender, the female Rush Limbaugh. She's likely to galvanize the right-wing base and scoff at the press. That antagonism feeds Trump's narrative when it comes time to go for re-election. "You can't trust anything that's said about me, look at how much the lamestream media hates me!"
Last edited by MissStrangelove on 21 Nov 2016, 07:53, edited 5 times in total.
Post 21 Nov 2016, 01:43
Interesting article ... ers-231524

“You would have to go back to the 1920s to see so much Wall Street influence coming to Washington,” said Charles Geisst, a Wall Street historian at Manhattan College
Post 21 Nov 2016, 07:35
Not only is Wall Street coming to D.C., but also our old friends, the "alt-right" crowd. Pay special attention to the name Richard Spencer.

Washington Post wrote:
A white nationalist organization that has come under fire for promoting racism will host a conference Saturday at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in downtown Washington — a gathering of more than 250 that will celebrate Donald Trump’s presidential victory.

“The past 12 months might be remembered as the year of Donald Trump . . . and the year of the Alt Right,” according to the website for the National Policy Institute, which is hosting the event. “It was a time when more people joined our movement then [sic] ever before and when our ideas began invading the mainstream.”

The conference is expected to draw dozens if not hundreds of protesters, who have launched a Facebook page asking that people join them “to defeat this hate.”

The institute’s president, Richard Spencer, who coined the term “alt-right,” is a leading promoter of white identity. He and his followers oppose immigration and multiculturalism.

Friday night as prospective attendees of the Saturday conference gathered at a restaurant for a private dinner, protesters rushed up a flight of stairs toward them. They were prevented from reaching them, however, and went back outside to continue protesting.
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