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Do you support Western intervention against ISIS?

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Do you support Western intervention against ISIS?

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Post 04 Nov 2014, 15:40
That goes without saying. US imperialism isn't a perfectly oiled machine that can just get whatever it wants. For all the bluster we still have to work within the confines of what is.
Post 10 Nov 2014, 04:25
Who needs western intervention when you've got Hezbollah doing an infinitely better job? I have to hand it to VICE this time. They actually got most of their reporting right.
Post 10 Nov 2014, 13:43
It would be interesting to consider whether the Syrian and Iraqi armies, supported by Hezbollah and Iran, together with Western airstrikes, could actually wipe out IS over the long term. It's too bad the Western countries have been so antagonistic toward these countries for so long; here they are saving the world from radical Islamist terrorism, and the US still refuses to take regime change off the table.

Thanks for the report Yeqon, although the intro about 'peaceful protests against the dictator Assad' was a bit annoying; as if Egypt or Libya is now better off without its dictators. Given its ethnic diversity, Syria would be even worse off, and Islamists would be pressing on into Lebanon and maybe even Israel, instead of being held in check in blood-soaked battles in Syria.
Post 10 Nov 2014, 16:12
VICE news should never be taken too seriously. They're a weird mix of pro-FSA, semi-pro-Jihadist, anti-North-Korea, anti-Israel, pro-America and so on. I watch them because every once in a while they touch on specific subjects that the mass media wouldn't. For example in this report they actually talked about the American government's reluctance to arm the Lebanese army in their fight against ISIL and the al-Nusra front, choosing instead to leave the Lebanese Army weak both by not supplying them with American weapons and also by threatening any country who would supply them militarily with economic sanctions, all of this so that the Lebanese Army wouldn't pose a threat to Israel even though the Lebanese Army have never done anything to provoke or offend Israel. This cynical disregard by the American government for the Lebanese populace in the face of a Jihadist onslaught is something only VICE news would touch upon. This also perfectly explains why most Lebanese of all sects and ethnicities support Hezbollah these days, simply because they are the only fighting force capable of defending Lebanese territory and the Lebanese populace. Plus they're good, they're very, very good it's almost like their fighters have been touched by the hand of God. There are actually very few guerrilla forces in history who are on par with Hezbollah when it comes down to fighting potential. They've won every single battle they've participated in since the start of the conflict and are the only Arab army in history who were capable of completely preventing a full on Israeli advance.

I don't believe that the war against ISIS should be simply a matter of the military. After the destruction of much of the Arab world as a result of the U.S. invasions and the Arab spring there are just too much impoverished, impotent and despondent youths running around who really have no other option but to join Jihadi groups like ISIL both because they quite literally feed them better than do the local governments in their areas and because it's a way to let out all the negative emotions that have been building up inside them, as well as bring some sort of meaning to their lives no matter how misguided it may seem to us. So until some attempt begins at trying to change the sectarian mentality that has been getting worse over the course of the wars I believe that ISIL will stay around for at least 5 more years and quite possibly 10, and I mean that as an effective fighting force, not as an ideology.
Post 05 Sep 2015, 02:46
Lebanese Communists gear up to fight the Islamic State

Glory to our Lebanese Red Comrades!
Post 05 Sep 2015, 08:20
First the Iraqi Communists and now the Lebanese Communists. Good news!
Post 27 Oct 2015, 18:31
When do we go comrades?
Post 28 Oct 2015, 20:46
My mind is now set on this issue.

I would vote yes, but only if this caveat is met: unequivocal support for the Ba'athist government, with joint operations and the sharing of intelligence.
Post 28 Oct 2015, 22:34
I believe that the intervention has been profitable. The west has helped the Kurdish militias in Syria, as the Kurds are the only reliable force for the West since they refuse to ally the Syrian government and since the FSA is half-dead and half-Islamist. At the same time, the Kurds are targeted by the stupid Turkish government. So western countries are divided. This is all good. Now Russia is involved, so there is no risk to see western intervention serve as a mean to overthrow Bachar.
I believe that I was right to support western intervention.
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