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Do you believe the Vela Incident was a nuclear test?

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Was the Vela Incident a nuclear test?

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Post 17 Oct 2012, 13:55
In September 1979, an American satellite supposedly detected the well known 'double flash' of a nuclear bomb somewhere south of Africa, in the Indian Ocean, but to this day it still remains unclear what was actually detected. Some say the satellite may have just malfunctioned due to a small meteoroid, but others firmly beleive a nuclear test had taken place and of course, by 1979 most nations had signed the Partial Test Ban Treaty outlawing any such tests performed above ground.

Those who believe a nuclear test had been carried out, usually point to either South Africa or Israel, or most probable a collaboration between the two nations.

Neither nation has ever admitted responsibility and since the end of apartheid and the opening up of infomation regarding South Africa's nuclear programme, no new evidence directly linking SA to any such testing has been found.

So what exactly happened that day may never be known.
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