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Do you use social networking and cloud services?

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Do you use social networking and cloud services?

Yes, i make heavy use of one and/or the other?
Yes, i make some use of these services; and i'm not worried.
Yes, i make some use of these services; but don't trust them -- (elaborate).
Yes, but only open-source alternatives -- (explain why you do and what you find lacking).
No, i don't use any of these things -- (explain why you don't and why you would).
Total votes : 17
Post 28 Jul 2012, 03:59
This discussion-poll is about social networking and cloud-based services.

I've not paid much attention to these things in the past,
but it's got me somewhat worried.

I would like to know my comrade's perspectives on this issue.
Post 28 Jul 2012, 04:36
I haven't really explored cloud-based services, but I do make some limited use of facebook - just to communicate with a few people from places like SE.

I can't say I have any trust in them ... I don't use my real name and I really don't put up much information about myself. They do concern me quite a bit... the potential for corporations or governments to take all that information for their own sinister ends is certainly serious.

I like the idea of the open source sites, but they're of limited use if nobody's on them. Unfortunately it's a difficult thing to change once a site (like facebook) gets the momentum behind it.
Post 28 Jul 2012, 14:05
I use blogger and sort of kind of use Google plus.
Frankly, most of my communications needs are handled through email and instant messaging. I suppose that's kind of old school

As far as privacy, assume everything and anything you do on the internet is tracked, stored and linked to you personally. You'll sleep much easier once you accept this.
Post 29 Jul 2012, 07:18
email and instant messaging is old and reliable, but not entirely reliable.

besides: it is just simply not enough to communicate with others across these more old-school services.

do you find that places like this will provide things that those other services just simply cannot provide?

and, as for open source..

official google party line says they are devoted to open-source,
but it is somewhat exploitative and the real alternatives are all very slow-going.

Diaspora, ie, was supposed to replace facebook, or at least compete with it as the open-source and peer-to-peer alternative;
but it didn't. and i've heard some people say that the code just wasn't as good (if so, then probably mostly due to resource allocation).
another critic will say that Diaspora just didn't go far enough (it turned out to be node-based, and not exactly peer-to-peer).

But this is all somewhat unrelated to us. We are to concern ourselves primarily with a more purposeful means of communication.

Web Forums have seemingly not made alot of advances; other, more degenerate forms of communication have been making rapid 'progress' while the proper discussion-mediums have lagged behind.

Again, it may be only the matter of resource allocation. Mayhap we make them not much money?

if the forum is to die, then it is to die.
but i would like to see something equivalently proper put in its place.
and so i've started this topic-exploration of those things which are new-fangled, all in hopes of preserving ourselves whole.

2nd: do you find that anything is lacking in the forum-format style of communication?
Post 31 Jul 2012, 08:48
err, when i talk about the death of the forum, i'm talking about the death of the medium in general.

i wonder how social networking will affect our sector in the present / future.

and i'd like some glimpse into the future of web-forums.

anyone else?
Post 31 Jul 2012, 09:56
I find facebook useful to keep in touch with people, but I don't trust it at all. I never post anything on it I don't want the world to see in spite of having all the privacy options turned up.
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