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Do you support Soviet style socialism during 60s~mid80s?

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Yes,the Soviet styled socialism is the only real type of socialism
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No,they are State Capitalists
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Post 30 May 2012, 11:26
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Post 30 May 2012, 11:32
God, what an awful thread.
What are we even talking about here? The "Soviet style socialism" of the 20s, the 30s-40s-50s or the 70s or 80s?

Voted "party" BTW.
Post 30 May 2012, 11:37
I'm gonna have to agree. This wasn't very well thought out.

Maybe you should be more specific or narrow it down next time. Loz, try to remember he's only got 50 posts.

Comrade, could you explain what you meant by this?

Also, this site is not solely for Communists. We have many folks with many different ideologies. You shouldn't try to wall people out.
Post 30 May 2012, 12:41

It is not something that you can plan for beforehand in a locked room or message boards. It will depend on the revolution, "when, where and how"?

It may be like soviet style or may be completely different. Sticking to one of methodology is dogmatic to say the least.
Post 30 May 2012, 14:04
As a path of cultural and material development for a Developing Country? Sure.

Top-Down, party-controlled socialism operating with profitability as a main criteria is a good way to build productive infrastructure and industry. Managed well, it's possible to spring a mass education system where there was none, raising the level of cultural development.

It's not the best socialism, but it works for certain situations. It probably won't serve as a direct path to communism, but it certainly can prepare a country for superior levels of socialism. I can think of three countries that would benefit a whole lot from '60s-'80s Soviet-style socialism: Argentina, Brazil and India.

Even worse off countries will probably need either Chinese-style (Or Vietnam-Yugo style) State Capitalism or full-blown Stalinism/Maoism to get outta the Third World Nation pit.
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