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Should the UK give the Falklands to Argentina?

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Should the UK give Argentina the Falklands.

Yes, the UK should give the Falklands to Argentina
No, the UK shoouldn't give the Falklands to Argentinia
Total votes : 34
Post 15 Jun 2012, 03:26
Russia is actually a perfect example for the shallowness of patriotism. It's really widespread there, yet the country didn't even exist (as a country) 30 years ago. I'm pretty sure Brezhnev would never have dared to speak about "loving Russia" when talking about serious political questions. And ever since Russia has become relevant, people's lives have suffered immensely from that. Yet, still, they wave that flag - even though it should actually be a symbol of misery - at every occasion. I really don't get it.
Post 15 Jun 2012, 04:42
To those who didn't see the expositions on the Comitee of Decolonization of the UNO, here's the video.
All sides are shown on the video, which lasts almost 3 hours.
In the end, the resolution passed, calling (for the 30th time) the UK and Argentina to start negotiations. Cameron, once again, refuses all possible talks.
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