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Would you like to emmigrate to the DPRK?

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Would you like to emigrate to the DPRK?

I would prefer to emigrate to China, Cuba or another Socialist country
No, I like it where I am.
Total votes : 79
Post 17 Dec 2010, 14:52
Well.........would you?
Some opinions please)))))
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Post 17 Dec 2010, 15:33
No.To Belarus or Cuba-maybe,but i don't want to live in the land of Kims.
Btw,you have to fix this poll since there are no options to choose from.
Post 17 Dec 2010, 15:36
How do I do that comrade?
Post 17 Dec 2010, 15:39
Go to "edit" and go to the bottom of the page where you'll see the "poll creation" field.
Post 17 Dec 2010, 15:48
Thanks comrade!
Post 17 Dec 2010, 16:01
HELL NO. Good god, they'd probably lock me up for counter-revolutionary activities within a month. I wouldn't want to emigrate to any socialist country though - my duty first and foremost is to stay in my own country and advance the cause of socialism here however I can.
Post 17 Dec 2010, 16:03
No as I like Yorkshire and Northern England in general too much.
Post 17 Dec 2010, 16:19
No, because first off I'm not use to culture shocks and secondly I doub't I'd be able to leave and see my family again.

I don't think NK offers me anymore than the UK does.

I don't think I would have liked to have lived in any of the former socialist countries either.
Post 17 Dec 2010, 16:36
I'm Chinese by birth, currently living in the USA, but with a Canadian passport. I don't really have any desire to emigrate anywhere currently, to be honest, though if I did, I would say I'd just go back to the PRC via Canada. If anything develops that would require me to get the hell out of the US, that's what I'd do, at least.

I'd say that I would rather work for socialism in whatever country I end up as a long-term resident in than going over the the DPRK. I mean, I just don't really see the point.
Post 17 Dec 2010, 20:23
No one wants to live in the Realm of the Wonder Kims, including the probable majority of their Kimstituents. If and when things change and the country gets back on the right track, it may prove quite livable--to Koreans. But the xenophobia that's been drilled into their brains for 50 years will make the place unpalatable to foreigners for decades to come.
Post 17 Dec 2010, 20:30
Asian countries can get really xenophobic and racist regardless. Korea as a whole was known as the "Hermit Kingdom" for its isolationist stance. The Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans all dislike each other for various reasons (imperialism and fears thereof, "sibling" rivalries, "you guys stole our shit and claimed it to be your own", China's support for the DPRK in the Korean War and ComParty rule that piss off S. Korea, and all sorts of dick-waving contests over trivial BS). No words can describe the hatred there is for Japan among the Chinese and Koreans—in fact, that is one of the things both peoples can agree on, and no matter how much they get pissed at each other, they'll be more than willing to set aside their differences and jump on the Japanese.

Trent once showed me some pics from Japan of the "Japanese-only" restaurants and bars there. Yes, they fragging have those. I can't imagine the DPRK being that much worse.
Post 17 Dec 2010, 22:27
I'm not really big on the whole North Korea thing. Cuba on the other hand I wouldn't mind going to. Nice tropical climate, great cigars, not a bad place.
Post 17 Dec 2010, 22:38
Perhaps one day when things cool down and we have some viable options in Sudamerica, I'd go there to lend a helping hand, or to help the economy through some sort of Socialist tourism. But unless Western Sahara suddenly goes Bolshevik, I'm sticking right here in the desert.
Post 17 Dec 2010, 23:40
I voted yes it'd be cool to move to North Korea. The only problems I can think of are learning Korean and missing cheese burgers, but other then that it would be cool to move to north korea and contribute to socialism.
Post 17 Dec 2010, 23:55
No. I don't see how I'd be of any use to them or the Socialist cause if I were to emigrate there.
Plus the UK's an island so I'm kind of restricted by my fears of boats and airplanes.
Post 18 Dec 2010, 01:09
I don't think the DPRK would be a good place for any displaced US citizen right now. I would not last that long in the GenPop. I'd have to say Cuba would be more favorable to me.
Post 18 Dec 2010, 14:54
I ment not to go there to help the socialist cause just to go and live there as an immigrant escaping from capitalism.
I agree with most here that I want to help the socialist cause and fight so just living there wouldnt be that interesting.
In Moscow we lived with too Colombians who spoke Russian very well. They went to Cuba and told us the US imbargo has really made that country quite poor but state facilities such as medicine were quite good.
Im not mad keen on the DPRK myself but im going to start another interesting theme shortly about them.....keep up the debate!
Watch this space!
Post 20 Dec 2010, 01:07
DPRK - No way!

China - ditto (sorry KW, but they've seriously lost it). Hopefully it's a momentary lapse of reason and things will work out in the long run, but not lately.

Cuba - yes please!!! (if they could just tow the island to a milder climate I'd be there as quickly as my little arms could flap.)

Belarus possibly - (it's a shame that Bulbash never did get back to answer questions about migration to there.

Speaking the language would help too. They would need to offer extra classes for new migrants.
Post 20 Dec 2010, 01:10
Meant to vote "No, I like it where I am" but got the above option instead. My revolution is American. I don't want to abandon my country to reaction.
Post 20 Dec 2010, 02:17
Dagoth Ur wrote:
Meant to vote "No, I like it where I am" but got the above option instead. My revolution is American. I don't want to abandon my country to reaction.

That's pretty much how I feel as well. Considering that the desert is the only climate I seem to do well in, I'd prefer the revolution to start right here. I'll do what I can to help it along. It doesn't profit me much if it occurs elsewhere.
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