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Sam Marcy, WWP, PSL, etc.

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Post 15 Dec 2017, 02:08 ... s_War.html

That's a link to Sam Marcy's Global Class War document. I had written an introduction to myself and saved it as a draft. I cannot find it.

Anyhow I am ex WWP from the 70's. I fell into this forum while googling around. Specifically a thread from 2009 - 2010. If anyone wants to revive that topic, I am game. I was involved in recruiting Larry Holmes into WWP and I knew Brian Becker back then, but not very well. I think the split happened because Holmes is not charismatic or an inspiring orator. Nice guy who gave off a vibe of not being intensely involved. Becker gave off a more serious vibe imo. Of course all this is just my opinion and impression from decades ago.
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