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Political refugee

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Post 27 Nov 2016, 18:25

I used to irregularly post on another ostensibly "left" forum but found, after scratching the surface a little it wasn't genuinely left wing at all. Specifically, the forum harboured some reactionary pro-imperialist views vis-a-vis the national and colonial question masked behind fake-"left"/ultra-left sloganeering.(sometimes the masked slipped, however, and some the users displayed openly chauvinist nay racist sentiments).

That's just one example of how reactionary this forum actually is despite its claim to represent "revolutionary" politics.

Regardless, here I am seeking political refuge on this forum.
Post 27 Nov 2016, 22:31
Well, everyone has their good and bad days.

Welcome to SE, the so-called "Stalinist hub of the Internet."
Post 27 Nov 2016, 23:23
Thank you for the welcome.
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