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Hey comrades!

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Post 19 Nov 2015, 18:57
Defected from Revleft cos it's full of anarchists, leftcoms and trots. (basically just idiots)
Post 20 Nov 2015, 20:08
Welcome to SE.

The Stalinist Hub of the Internet (TM) isn't quite what it used to be, but you're welcome to post up a storm and make your views known.

We can do with the controversy, so get cracking!
Post 21 Nov 2015, 02:37
It is a little slow these days but revleft is just shit. Don't be afraid to jump into the longest communist thread ever.
Post 29 Nov 2015, 23:02
Welcome, and congratulations on joining the dark side.
Post 29 Nov 2015, 23:07
Welcome. We have some too though.
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