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Recommendations on posting in this forum

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Post 20 Oct 2008, 16:34
This forum is for us to get to know our new members. So please, when posting keep in mind the following:

* Be Friendly
First impressions are important. New members are presenting themselves here, so make them feel at home.

* No spam
As it was said above, this place is meant to get to know the new members, not to increase people's postcounts. So, feel free to welcome members and ask them about themselves. But don't do it in an automated way only to increase postcount. If you just want to post empty things, there's the LCTE in Cafe Mir.

* No Necroposting
We welcome people as they arrive here. If you missed someone's arrival, don't dig the thread up. Just PM him. Threads are quite volatile here, they age soon. After a week without posts, they're already too old.

* Discuss in the proper forum
Sometimes new members enter Soviet Empire willing to start new discussions. That's wonderful and that's the idea of this place. So, if the intro post of someone is getting interesting and a discussion has risen, please start a thread on the appropiate forum in Soviet Empire.

Che Burashka
Post 23 Dec 2010, 17:39
Due to an increase in our security levels, we won't approve messages with only a greeting.
Please, introduce yourself. Say where you're coming from, why you decided to join, if you're a member of a party, what interested you in communism or this forum, or something like that.

And please, don't complain for writing several messages that don't get posted. Write one with most of the above and you'll be approved.
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