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Any sax players here?

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Post 17 Aug 2011, 04:45
I was considering investing in a saxophone (preferably tenor) and was wondering if any members here at S-E play(ed) the sax and can give a few pointers. I played the clarinet for 2 years about 4 years ago so I have a little experience with woodwind instruments.
Post 14 Sep 2011, 20:59
Just saw this. I've played the sax for ohh... ten or so years. Firstly, I would start with alto, not tenor. Although my personal preference is baritone, I'd still recommend beginners to play on alto. What tips exactly are you looking for?
Post 15 Sep 2011, 06:02
Just any general tips. I know how the reed works and basic woodwind things but I am completely new to saxophones. I only wish I had the funds to actually buy one but jobs are scarce :/
Post 21 Sep 2011, 05:36
Rental costs for them generally aren't too high. I own an alto but wish I could buy a tenor sometime soon. There really aren't too many tips I can give. Get used to a sore neck/arms/mouth. Don't try to start out without a neck-strap. umm... make sure you have the fine motor skills for it as your hands will have to move very fast and hit notes that are at complete opposite ends of the body which is a lot further apart than on a clarinet. If you have big hands it's kind of a bonus.

It's quite an easy instrument to play until you get into pretty advanced music.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. I'm more of a doer, not a teacher when it comes to art and instruments, so I kind of suck at this open-ended thing lol
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