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Who are the artists among us?

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Post 26 May 2012, 08:04
That's so cute! I want one in my car
a la bobble head.
Post 26 May 2012, 12:32
The series WAS fun to do! I think the best part was actually figuring out which historical figures I wanted to design. Here's a (crappy) shot of the other three. From left to right: Oliver Cromwell, Emiliano Zapata and Mao Zedong.

EDIT: Might as well post some of my other stuff here, too. It ain't anything historically-related or themed.
This is a series I completed over the course of three days. All done on some sort of wood panel. The bigger pieces are roughly 14"x18" and done in acrylic poster paint marker.

and here's something completely unrelated. Probably one of my favorite sketches ever. I'm a pirate kind of guy.
Post 28 May 2012, 02:37
new digital piece I'm working on.

Post 28 May 2012, 10:16
Amazing art, PixelKid.
Post 28 May 2012, 12:22
Comrade Kaiwen wrote:
Amazing art, PixelKid.

Thanks, Comrade! I'm glad you guys like my stuff so far! I try to draw for atleast a couple hours a day when I'm not working. Sort of a "zen" thing i guess...
Post 28 May 2012, 14:03
Pretty much done, I think.

Post 29 May 2012, 03:50
You do great work, awesome job. I dig it
Post 29 May 2012, 13:37
Thanks, Comrade!
Post 30 May 2012, 17:57
Holy smokes pixelkid, thats awesome. Mind if I PM you about something?
Post 30 May 2012, 18:23
You should get PixelKid to make a banner for your blog!
Post 30 May 2012, 22:32
runequester wrote:
Holy smokes pixelkid, thats awesome. Mind if I PM you about something?

Sure thing, dude! Chat me up whenever you see fit. Also feel free to add me on Facebook, I'm not shy. Just search under "Pixelpunkk". I should be the first person shown. (in the green flannel).
Post 31 May 2012, 06:59
Im the last human on earth to not use facebook
Post 31 May 2012, 15:18
Sometimes when I'm bored I sketch old soviet medals....

Post 24 Jun 2012, 16:25
171- Fizty, I think you can return when you sober up a bit

Take your time.. you have a week

Post 10 Jul 2012, 05:26
This is a Mao wallpaper I draw a few years ago.

Post 21 Jul 2012, 09:26
Dude. i wasn't drunk when i posted my art.

I'm wondering how drunk you were when you judged my art.
as you've misspelt my name and have taken down all of my art, all for the same purpose: none at all.
and what exactly are we drinking anyway?

You can try implying that it was done for my benefit and out of the kindness of your heart.
I just don't think it would be your place to interfere in that specific way.
I don't remember any alcoholism clause in the user agreement.
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Post 21 Jul 2012, 12:38
171 is with the rebels and wants to destroy alcohol! Down with 171!!
Post 28 Jul 2012, 07:05

Somewhat Minimalistic.
Post 28 Jul 2012, 07:38
I really like your text style.
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