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Support NK soccer

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Post 16 Jun 2010, 19:04
I got advice to post this here and I wasn't sure at first since it's not really political, so I apologize in advanced if this isn't okay and all. I'm enjoying North Korean soccer and would love a little banner I can use here and at other forums too. I'm particularly fond of Jong Tae-Se blush. I only have basic paint so my banner would suck.
Post 16 Jun 2010, 19:07
This is highly political. Every game that NK plays against the other teams is symbolic class war.
Post 16 Jun 2010, 19:08
How are banners gonna help North Korean soccer?
I doubt they (players) even have access to Internet.
Paypal donations would be a different story though,but i doubt they'll ever have it.(Lol,even i can't receive money on my Paypal account,i can only send it)
Post 16 Jun 2010, 19:18
Well just to show people support them and maybe people will be interested in watching them or something. Shrug. It would just be nice to show support even if they don't see it. However, Jong Tae-Se does use the internet and has a blog so.... Oh and true about it being political. The broadcaster guys on the Brasil vs North Korea game were talking a little bit with their politics and mentioned rumors some supporters at the game were paid by China to be supporters.
Post 16 Jun 2010, 19:21
No one will ever watch North Korean soccer after this cup ends.
Because you can't watch it(except if they don't have their satellite channel,and i doubt they have it)
Hell,no one is going to watch any kind of soccer after the ending(at least in North America)
Post 16 Jun 2010, 19:22
Well obviously which is why I assumed people would get I was talking about the world cup....
Post 16 Jun 2010, 19:24
Those who would watch it are already well aware of DPRK playing in SA,those who aren't wouldn't watch it anyway.
Post 16 Jun 2010, 19:26
comment removed-171

Nobody wants this banner simply to "support NK soccer". We're all very aware that it's not going to have any effect at all. We just want it because we want to express our fandom, that should be obvious to anybody with half a brain. >_>
Post 16 Jun 2010, 19:29
But i don't like sports fans...
I hate any kind of "fandom" be it Morrison/Che shirts,Stalin avatars or Arsenal shawls.
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Post 16 Jun 2010, 19:31
And I'm sure you've never been a "Fandom" of anything right? Kinda boring in my opinion.
Post 16 Jun 2010, 19:31
Which is why you mailed my a Lenin button, hypocrite...
Post 16 Jun 2010, 19:36
Which is why you mailed my a Lenin button, hypocrite...

Pretty much so.
I never wear pins,patches,shawls,chains or any kinds of accessories.
How does sending you a pin make me a hypocrite?
I got these pins as a gift from my grandfather,and have a shitload of them.
Next time,i'm gonna send you several DDR ones if you want them
Post 16 Jun 2010, 19:55
So I gave it a try being bored and I want a banner. I just used basic paint shop and copy and pasted pics. It's an okay banner for someone not artistic.

Post 16 Jun 2010, 19:58
It's OK, I approve.

Where's Tails? He's pretty good at this.
Post 16 Jun 2010, 20:00
I tried to put it on my sig but it said only 100 pixles? I'm ignorant of that stuff lol. And yeah it's only okay cause I just have basic paint. I'm normally not into making banners and all that, so I have no reason for other stuff. Only other thing I have is Power point stuff lol.
Post 16 Jun 2010, 20:06
I think it's a bit too tall. You need to shorten it a bit. Look at my signature, the person who made it (Philby) did it according to the forum's specifications.
Post 16 Jun 2010, 20:18
Ah okay. I'll give that size a try. Hopefully using the same images.
Post 16 Jun 2010, 20:27
By using the banner of praxicoide and just erasing that image and putting the one's I had on there I was able to get a banner. It's nothing too fancy since I'm not artistic or anything.... But it works I guess.
Post 17 Jun 2010, 06:30
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