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Ban/Card pics.

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Post 02 Feb 2007, 21:31
and the red one:
Post 02 Feb 2007, 21:32
we'll figure something out..
Post 02 Feb 2007, 21:34
Maybe a slightly less intense red and a sharper edge to the red card photo?

Other than that, perfect!
Post 02 Feb 2007, 21:36

and have a mate on me, che...

I'd send you it myself, but it's hard enough for me to import it into the states...
Post 02 Feb 2007, 21:38
that red is the color of my living room. as close to commie red as I could get.
I like the red backrounds on them personally.

Fair enough, but it means the red card will have to be pretty intense to stand out.

And yeah, I like the mad, staring gangster eyes too. Appropriately authoritarian in a cool, gangster-chic sort of way.
Post 02 Feb 2007, 21:46

the banistan sig for the time being.
Post 02 Feb 2007, 21:47
Seems to be stretched out too much.
Post 02 Feb 2007, 21:48
I just skewed it. as I stated before, I don't know what I am doing...
Post 02 Feb 2007, 21:51
here's the red card:

Would you like me to make the permabanistan image in 400x100? or would you prefer another motive?
Post 02 Feb 2007, 21:52
if you can do better than the one I got,, which i think you can... go for it!
Post 02 Feb 2007, 22:14
I couldn't shrink it any better than you did...
But I came up with this one:

Is it better?
Post 02 Feb 2007, 22:17
i definitely like... we have a choice now.
Post 03 Feb 2007, 00:16
I dunno, here's a really quick shitty one, if you like it I can do some better work.


The corner bugged the crap out of me so I took it out.
Post 03 Feb 2007, 00:37
actually, I do like... see what you can do with them..

you do good work..
Post 03 Feb 2007, 07:44

I dig it, simple and effective. The background could use some touching up, but it's not overt.

[EDIT] Now that I'm looking at it on my flat panel it's not so hot.
Post 03 Feb 2007, 14:09
It looks fine on my 19" CRT. Flat panel TFTs often have problems reproducing colours accurately. CRTs ftw!!
Post 04 Feb 2007, 03:22
All Banistan graphics so far are excellent. They could all be used interchangeably.
Post 04 Feb 2007, 03:25
I'm not sure about the 'Welcome to Perma, Banistan' sig banner. Is there any way the sign itself could be enlarged using Photoshop? It's too small inside the banner as it is.
Post 05 Feb 2007, 04:55
Oh, and is anyone actually going to use my picture of the guy in the shower-cap getting a sink plunger in the face to make the avatar for banned members? No pressure, mind you....
Post 05 Feb 2007, 04:56
I'll use it.

I have a great first home for it...

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