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Communist Superman!?

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Post 11 May 2009, 02:58
Hi there everybody! I'd love it if anyone knew where I could get my hands on the Communist Superman comic online, along with any other communist-related comics. I've tried to find both myself, but I never came up with the goods!
Any help at all, would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Post 11 May 2009, 12:23
My search is at an end!!! After more tireless searching (im exagerating of course) I have found the perfect download! ... 52-mb.html

Now to view this download u`ll need CDisplay for comic viewing, but this download has all three issues, and it wasn't set under restrictions like those download sites like RapidShare which b*tch at you for not paying with all the downsides and restrictions.

Please, no applause!
Post 11 May 2009, 21:44
Now you just need to find ebooks for atomika. I found two of them.
Post 12 May 2009, 03:37
That looks wicked. Too bad they don't have the first one up huh? I'd totally start reading it then, cause there's no way I'm skipping the beginning.
Post 12 May 2009, 03:51
Same here.
Post 12 May 2009, 06:32
BTW, you dont need a special program to view it the file you linked us to. Just rename it as a zip or rar file, then unzip it somewhere.

Tomorrow I will convert it into pdf files.
Post 12 May 2009, 23:22
Oh really? I had no idea. I'm going to start looking for a download for the first issue of Atomika, so if I do find one, I`ll post the link up here. Thanks again for showing me this, it really does look good.
Post 13 May 2009, 02:49
Ok, I converted the files into three PDF files, and uploaded them as a torrent. Here it is. Enjoy.
Post 14 May 2009, 00:54
Thank you Comrade! I'll share the link around with any of my friends who are interested.

I'm also having no luck with Atomika. I found alot of 0.99 cent apps for the ipod for the first issue though, which deffenitly was not what I was looking for, but if your interested in that, I can give u the links. I'll continue to search for the issue though.
Post 14 May 2009, 04:42
Dont worry, I found 1-7. Here it is.
Post 14 May 2009, 11:51
There can be only one soviet supeman - major Pronin
Post 16 May 2009, 20:07
Sorry Fitzy, but the link isn't going to help. The torrent download isn't allowing me to use it, cause apparently non-registered users are only allowed 5 downloads, and even though I haven't downloaded form them once, it's telling me off. It say's I could download it if I join the site, but it's not even letting me do that, cause apparently registration is invite only now or something. Totally just my luck... XD
Post 19 May 2009, 23:52
I made a torrent. Here is the link. Issues 1 to 8.
Post 20 May 2009, 02:54
Nice, there we go! Thanks man, I owe you one. Ever want a favour, just ask and I`ll see what I can do.

Your a true Comrade.
Post 30 Sep 2009, 22:30
Issue 9 of Atomika has been released.
Post 16 Oct 2009, 17:28
hxxp:// ... omika.html

I think this comix is not tresh, dont think it is about past ,it is about future.There are many symbols : such - Death of mother-russia for the birth of the red god .....
Post 08 Nov 2009, 23:45
I have this Checkmate comic from July 1989 that I received from a charity shop today. Although it's anti-communist, I thought that it was a good read because it's interesting read about material that was made before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Post 01 Jan 2010, 03:30
Superman: Red Son is one of the best DC alternate reality books. Checkmate was a great book as well.
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