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The Fall of Berlin

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Post 31 Mar 2009, 23:47
Dear comrades! I've just made new video using Sabaton as a music background. The film I've used is called Падение Берлина (in Russian), Upadek Berlina (in Polish), and The Fall of Berlin (English). I hope you will enjoy it!

Post 11 Apr 2009, 04:46
I love it !
Post 11 Apr 2009, 07:05
Great video. Excellent work.
Post 12 Apr 2009, 23:04
Thanks a lot comrades.
Maybe next will be something about Stalingrad.
Post 21 Apr 2009, 15:45
Nice work comrade. I love Hitler in that movie
Post 23 Jul 2009, 09:16
Great video comrade
Post 23 Jul 2009, 12:12
I want that movie.
Post 13 Aug 2009, 16:51
It's available on emule with hard coded english subtitles.

Or you can get it off rapidshare. You can pm me if you want the links.

The ones on rapidshare don't have subtitles, btw.
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